Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"You Heifer"

My Sister, Julie, and I are very close. We are two years apart. We grew up loving, playing & sharing. We also, like most Sisters had our moments.

When Julie was in 7th, 8th & 9th grades, lets just say she wasn't as crazy about me then as she is today. Grant it, that would mean I was in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. We were going through puberty and probably not always as lovely as we could have been. Also, it was quite a time of change. Our state had just introduced "BUSING" and Julie's class was the first to get to go across town to the new Middle School with kids from across our city. New experiences and culture differences.

Julie got kindof mean to me (sorry Jules). We had bedrooms in the basement of our home. Julie placed a poster from "The Rolling Stones","Goats Head Soup" album on her door to keep me form going in her room. It worked I was terrified of that poster. I can still see the goats eyes piercing into me! I had to walk by it to go to the bathroom and refused in the middle of the night. That is what a chicken I was. I must have been quite a tattle-tell back then. I know I irritated the crap out of Julie. She got so mad at me. She started singing "Elton John's" "The Bitch is Back" whenever I pissed her off. So I tattled. She was no longer allowed to do that. So she came up with calling me a "Heifer". And she would add "you know what I mean!". My Dad would snicker, Heifer is not a bad word, leave it alone Jan! Even today, I think about it when I see the word Heifer. She was so creative!

A few years later, when I started high school. we became very close. I can't imagine trying to get through high school without her. She drove me everywhere, she got me into her high school club. She was protective and she was my confidante. We had many many fun memories together.

When we went off to school and lived in separate states, we missed each other so much. the worst was when she lived in New York, then South Dakota. I was thrilled when they moved back to Indiana.

Several years ago, Julie ran across a cassette tape that she and a friend put together back in that era. At one point, she got made at me and our little conversation is caught on that tape. She called me apologizing. She felt so bad about being mean to me. I was tickled but seriously, I never felt she was mean. We were sisters, we loved each other and we would get made at each other. That is what sisters did!

I feel so incredible Blessed for the relationship we share. I am very close to Julie. I can't imagine not having her in my life! We no longer live in the same city but try to get together more often. We email, call and I love when we meet up for lunch.

I will always be her loving little Heifer, she will always be my hero Heifer!


Linda said...

Loved this.

I really am glad to have grown up in a house full of girls - I have three sisters and we had great times together, then and now. Three of us got along very well and the 4th, not so much. But I wouldn't change anything of those times.

I'm the oldest with 5 years and 7 between us, and I was very much the doting, proud sister who spent a great deal of time playing with the younger ones.

Though in my teen years, I reverted very much to MY SPACE and warned them not to enter. My youngest sister and one of the middle twins, told me about a year ago that when I used to go out for the evening, they would run into my room and play my records and try on my clothes and I never knew. It was like "Ha ha - we're in your room and you don't know it!!". That cracked me up when they told me. :-)

Vevay Anderson said...

I am technically an only child. Though I have 3 step brothers and 1 step sister, I didn't grow up with them and don't have any of the sibling war memories.
It must be great to look back and see how far you have come!