Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I Never Made it as a Performer

Here I am, at the Brookside Park Dance Recitals.

Can you find me? Here's a hint, I am wanting to help the screaming child on the out skirts of the stage. I didn't hear anyone say, "Look this way, Now Cheese!" Am I the only one worried about that poor screaming little girl off stage?

Here is the next year.
Again, I must be deaf. No one said, "Smile at the camera!". I am looking sad. Am I worried about the performance? Am I jealous because my Sister had a big part? Big Baby!

Third year.
Hey, I am looking at the camera this time! That is me in the cat costume. Not looking happy, but at least I am looking at the camera this year.

Aren't those hilarious? I am cracking myself up!


lakeviewer said...

Isn't this fun?

Napierson said...

haha I'm loving these pictures! it reminds me of looking at my parents old pictures and yearbooks.