Monday, April 6, 2009

What The Heck?

It is snowing on my Easter Tree! Today is April 6th (I know the picture says 5/4, but it is lying & I can't figure out how to remove the stupid date!) Spring is here. But Mother Nature is confused. I just packed away the coats this past week. It took me a few minutes to find Annie's this morning so she could have one for school.

It poured rain yesterday. This morning we woke to snow flurries. What the heck? Only in Indiana! It's sunny and warm weather one minute, then in a sneeze, it is snowing!

Crappy mood to follow ) :


Linda said...

I hear you - we have a dusting of snow on the ground this morning, but alas it will be gone by later today or tomorrow at least, when the temps begin to climb back up.

This is April in Illinois afterall, I don't like it when it does this, but it seems to do it every year. :)

Your Easter Tree is cute! :)

Natalie said...

Come over here, Janis! Beautiful one day, perfect the next......xx♥

janis said...

Linda, my dear "neighbor", yes, yucky to our states weather (although we don't complain when the pretty leaves change into a lovely oasis of color in the fall). Wish we could jump a plane and visit Natalie in Austraia! And about the Easter tree~ I realized after I came back inside I took the worse angle with the fewest eggs! haHa! to cold to retake!

Reya Mellicker said...

Another of my blog friends lives in Indiana.

Enough of winter for ya'll, ENOUGH!!

An English Shepherd said...

We don't have easter trees over here :-(

Lovely picture :-)

Ziongirl said...

Please send it my way. I LOVE the snow!!!!!

oceankisses said...

Hi Janis! I'm visiting your blog because you visited mine and left a comment. Yes, Gracie is a white dove (ringneck dove). We rescued her from our neighbor's driveway. These are not the "release" type doves that they release at weddings and stuff, but some people do and it's just terrible because the ringnecks get lost.

Love your blog! Keep writing!