Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I like to think that I am not superstitious. But I know I really am.

When I became a Catholic, my Priest told me horoscopes, fortune tellers, and superstitions are all big No-Nos. Something about having no other gods and believing in these things are in fact taking the focus of our God out of the picture.

No problem.

I never read my horoscope again. Never did a fortune telling. And tried very hard to get rid of my superstitions.

I have a black cat. Rocky crosses my path every day. I think that all is good, unless my life would be lucky without him. I love him too much to believe he brings me bad luck. I have had him for 14 years (he's 16 years old). Not getting rid of him!

I DO...
think seeing Deer will bring me a good day
think death comes in threes
hold my breathe when going by cemeteries
pick my feet up when going over rail road tracks
think finding four leaf clovers are good luck (I have found dozens! I guess they equaled out the bad luck from my Black cat!)
make a wish on the first star I see
"find a penny pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck"
Freak about breaking a mirror
believe, "if the hand I write with itches, I will be losing money soon, if my other hand itches I will soon receive money"
And never ever step on a crack or under a ladder

Yeah, I am guessing this all makes me a pretty superstitious person!
What about you?


Paula and Skip said...

Hi again.
After your sweet comment I had to return to your blog straight away!!
Reading your profile again, first thing in my mind: “just” being Janis is plenty. Reading on I giggled about you wondering what kind of job you will held when you are grown. Are we ever grown? Being a constant work in progress I am more grown today then yesterday and less then tomorrow or so I like to think.
Yeah looks like you are quite superstitious ( don’t worry I wont tell your priest  ). I like to believe I am not superstitious at all ( wow ) rather very much practical and grounded – which doesn’t stop me having my head in the clouds…
I am glad that your niece is enjoying my homecountry. Time overseas is expanding the horizons, broadens your experiences and questions your beliefs and views. I spent most of my life outside Germany and never regretted a second. The richness of my life’s journey shaped the person I am today.
Janis, it is a pleasure to meet you and I hope we will stay in touch. Paula xx

Ziongirl said...

We have to have some superstitions!
It makes life less boring...

sroman said...

All of the ones you mentioned AND I still read my horoscope every day. I also read yours and Deb's.