Monday, April 13, 2009

Singin' in The Rain

Life isn't about
how to survive the storm,
how to dance in the rain!

Growing up, my girls learn to appreciate simple things.
Like Puddle Walks & singing in the Rain.

We loved going to the zoo when it rained. Have you ever had the pleasure of watching animals at play on a hot day with a mid day shower?

As long as it wasn't lightening & thundering, we would go on swimming in the rain.

Puddle walks in the spring and summer and even fall days. Neighbors thought we were crazy, kids LOVED the idea.

There is nothing like a hot humid Indiana summer day when a rain will come! Mud between your toes, counting worms and viewing the gorgeous rainbows.

Playing in the rain was, well, fun!

Guess what? We didn't melt, we didn't catch colds. We got frizzy hair and dirty, but we loved it!


Linda said...

Love this!!

Sarah grew up the same way, as did I. I don't mind the grey, rainy days though I confess - I never like the wind.

You and I were thinking alike this afternoon, as I went out in my flip flops to take some photos of the Pear tree that is beginning to blossom and it looked so beautiful against the rain that I just had to take photos.


Anonymous said...

ahhh one of my favorite memories! :) <3 em

Lori ann said...

Oh how perfect. You are so right to sing and play and go to the zoo in the rain. Your girls are so lucky to have you Janis, these are memories to cherish.
I am so glad you had a good first day at your new job. btw, i forgot to tell you your daughters are gorgeous and seem so sweet. You are such a good Mama.
♥ lori

Reya Mellicker said...

It's raining here today, too, a nice steady spring rain that will make everything green and beautiful.

I have waterproof sneakers and a big-ass umbrella, so the rain doesn't bother me at all.

Icy rains in winter, accompanied by wind, are not my favorites, but otherwise I love the rain.

janis said...

Me too Em! I love you & Pooh!