Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reason #10 Why I am MESSED UP

This photo is dated 1971 so I am 9 or 10. We are having dinner.
Growing up in my house, family dinner conversations were always stange. I have NO IDEA what the hell we are talking about or why I have my shirt up. And why on earth do I have this photo? My sister must have taken it, as she isn't in the photo.
What's up with this?
Thankful, I have no memory of this one!


An English Shepherd said...

Cool picture, nice hairstyle !

Wizz :-)

Fire Byrd said...

You have some wonderful old pics. They are so interesting seeing how we were in the day.
No doubt our kids will look back at their's in years time and think what was my mother thinking of in that outfit!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Sometimes it's best not to remember!

Laughing ... you look sweet and innocent in the pic. I bet all was well.

And you are NOT messed up!

Anonymous said...

I bet you're getting the lint out of your belly button! : )
mary d

Anonymous said...

I remember that house..we were in forth grade..My sister and her husband bought it in the late 80's and lived there for about 10 years.
mary d

Linda said...

Cute photo! :) I'm sorry things were messed up, but you turned out to be a wonderful person. :)

janis said...

Thanks for the comments Folks! I know I am strage, but the picture keeps cracking me up & I hoped to share a laugh.

Wizz~ My Mom wore these silly "Falls". A fake piece of hair to add hieght & volume. She is wearing one here.

FireByrd~I already hear my kids laugh at our clothes & hairstyles. Sergio had that mullet thing going on after the afro stage. The kids love to tease him.

Reya~I AM messsed up. Originally I send an email to my girlfriends w/ a different pic, titled "Reason 39 why Jan Is F.. Up". It let us laugh really hard. Gotta laugh sometimes to spare the tears. However, rest assure I am REALLY BLESSED as well. More so. And I appreciate most everything thrown at me!
Mary~ Silly Girl! You are probaly correct! And yes I DO remember Kathy buying the house! When we were little, Julie & I had a double sleep over for our birthday. You & Kathy came. I remember Kathy saying, "One day, I want to have a house just like this". We only lived there three years.

janis said...

Thank you Linda~ You posted your comment the same time I was, so I didn't get to read yours till late.

Ribbon said...

Hi I was just out blog hopping and I've landed here. Nice blog :-)
Great photo... nice shot of your tummy :-)

Best wishes Ribbon

PS best not to remember sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Jan! Remember how much we loved those chairs?? When choosing them in the showroom, you couldn't get us off them ~ they were so much fun to spin around in!
Well, even though I remember spinning on those cool chairs, I don't remember this incident, but we did communicate in unusual ways as a family! (remember Dad's condom lecture - ha!)
Julie :)

janis said...

Thanks for stopping by Ribbon, I will visit you back!
Julie~YES! I remember loving the ugly black chairs because of the wheels & spinning. The codom story~ I almost mentioned it but doubted that I could do it justise! "The Fibers! The Fibers!" Ha Ha!

Vevay Anderson said...

What would we be if not scarred by family mealtime lol!

Anonymous said...

I remember many fun times in that house. Remember you falling out of the tree and I just laughed while you held your hurt arm? I also remember all the pets you had-- Inky, Chessie, and countless hamsters and mice.

That picture of your old dining room is priceless-- I forgot about the revolving chairs.

Keep them coming,


janis said...

Rich~ This was Audubon Rd not 19th Street. Only hamster (Fuzzy Wuzzy) & one mouse (Cheerful). No cats. Only dog here was Rebbie. The rest of my Elle Mae "family" did come from the house on 19th. I still believed the parents that I was alergic to cats when I lived here. (They lied... & I found out!)