Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the Blog, AGAIN!

Well, Sergio is back out of town. I have sooooo much I should be doing! I am going to work this evening & had planned on using my time wisely, but... here I am again on the BLOG!

I just am doing my own thing to my own rules! I will power clean, maybe, when I get home tonight. Maybe.. I still have tomorrow morning & afternoon..

I start cleaning or working on something then I get a thought or find a photo. You know. I wanna play instead of work! Why did I agree to come in on my off days??? Oh yeah, because they cut my hours so badly that I will take whatever I can until I find "Full time" work again.

But back to fun stuff.

I was on the phone earlier and saw Daffodil's out the window! I didn't know I had them because they were on the other side of the privacy fence and I couldn't see unless I was upstairs or back in the rear yard. Aren't they pretty? I cut some to put in the vase Annie made me. So Springy!

I just noticed the date (wrong date at that) is on these pictures. Dang it! I hate when that happens! Just ignore it.

I have a couple of more things I want to post. So I will let you go...for now...

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