Wednesday, April 1, 2009


New item in my tabs I noticed this morning before writing a posting. "MONETIZE" If you use Blogspot, you have it too. It allows you to have ads on your blog that will pay you for using your space.

Recently, a friend suggested I put ads on my blog to make a little extra cash. I declined, and I hope you will too.

Let me explain.

When I visit blogs, I am interested in the person, the subject, the blog in general. Besides the content of the blog, I love gadgets. I enjoy the gadgets like pictures, music, list, blog followers. I love the profile on the side bar. I love bloggers that change their layouts.

I can count on "Over the Fence", to have seasonal backgrounds bringing new cheer of each holiday. "Willow Manor", lets me know what she is reading, eating, and here current tea."FireByrd", always have the coolest photo at the top of her blog that changes periodically. "Count Your Blessings", & "Musings from the Deep" always share my music interest with great playlist. "Lori Times Five" & "One Foot in Front of the Other" have blog list showing new postings on their favorite blogs.

I have wandered onto a few blogs that have the advertisements. Hate them! They distract me. They depersonalize the blog. They irritate me. Most likely, I wont return to that blog, regardless to the content of the blog. It bugs me that much.

So, you wont be seeing the distracting ads on my blog. Tempting to wave a dollar at me, but not worth capitalism. Hopefully you too will reframe.


Linda said...

I saw that option as well, Janis, and also decline to use It. It's bad enough that we're bombarded with advertisements everywhere else - I don't need that on my blog.

Thanks! :-)

Vevay Anderson said...

I seriously considered using this because of the bankruptcy/divorce situation, but just couldn't bring myself to do it! Boo to commercialism!

Fire Byrd said...

Well said Janis, couldn't agree more with you. Feels like selling out as well to me.
And I love changing my photographs depending on how I feel. So thank you for the name check.

janis said...

You Gals are three of my top ten. So glad you are not going to sell out. Vevay~ I understand, as I too have a money situation but I just don't believe it could pay me enough to chnage my mind.

Ngayulu said...

Hrmm... this has been playing in my head for a while.

I added ads to my page aaaages ago, just to see how it worked. (And IF it worked). I figured that since I live in a 3rd world country, and am lucky enough to be able to choose not to work (which would take a job from someone who needs it more), that maybe the ads could give me some income, which would in turn decrease my anxiety about not contributing financially to our household.

So far, I haven't noticed any income pouring in (or even trickling), so maybe it's time to remove them?