Saturday, April 18, 2009

Husband For Sale...

Husband for Sale, only fifty cents!

Any Mom with daughters between 15 and 25 remember Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's little cassette tapes and movies that my daughters loved. Every now & then, something will trigger one of those cutesy annoying songs the twins sang.

Today, (and last night) I couldn't get their, "Brother for sale, only fifty cents!" song out of my head. Only I changed the words. I don't have a brother. BUT for fifty cents, I just might sell my husband!

PS..he's not for sale anymore. But boy, was I irritated for a while!


Vevay Anderson said...

Mary Kate and Ashley were popular on Full House when I was a tween.

Natalie said...

There are days when I would sell mine too! Not today though. :D