Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...

"Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping down the bunny trail,
Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!"

Easter is in 8 days! Eight days! Oh my Goodness! Time has flown!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. It is a new awakening. Spring is in the air. Flowers blooming, birds chirping. It is a time for us Christians to remember and rejoice in Christ. Our faith is renewed. Our hopes are lifted.

When the girls were younger, I was the queen of decorating for holidays. Christmas - check, Thanksgiving - check, Halloween - check, Forth of July - check, Valentines - check, St Patricks Day - check, Easter -DOUBLE CHECK!

I get it honestly. One of the things I am grateful in my Mom is she was the same way. I grew up with the idea. Although, Mom can go overboard. She loves Easter egg hunts, we made her retire the tradition when we counted several hundred plastic eggs filled with candy & money for our four children. That was a bit overboard!

This past year, one of my girls mentioned they miss that I don't decorate anymore. They both told me how much they appreciated it and missed that we don't do it anymore. With depression, moving and even the girls growing up and lacking in the interest of helping me with the decorating, i just let it go. I gave away alot of stuff, but today I found a box of Easter stuff.

Annie is on her way home from Florida. My goal is to get this stuff up and decorate the house to surprise her. Emily too will be pleased when she comes home Friday for the weekend.

So, I best be off. Gotta play Peter Cottontail!


Reya Mellicker said...

I love Easter, too ... which is rather odd since I'm Jewish. I love Passover, too. Both holidays celebrate sacrifice and redemption. They are dramatic holidays, just like spring is dramatic.

You know, don't you? That Peter Cottontail and Easter eggs and the chocolate connection are all Pagan traditions that predate Easter?

Whatever. I love it all! Happy Easter!

Lori ann said...

Janis, i loved Easter too so much when my children were little! the decorating and easter eggs! I even loved to cook for the whole family! I think it's great that you found that box and I just know Annie and Emily are going to love it! now your getting me in the mood!

An English Shepherd said...

I am not allowed chocolate because Its bad for me :-( But I am sure I will have a look for it anyway ...

Linda said...

You know me and seasonal decorations - I love decorating for everything!! :)

Glad you found the box of fun decorations and I hope you have a blessed Easter week.