Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming Soon...

Sorry I have been MIA. Or as Emily so kindly mentioned, "neglecting my Blog". Ha Ha! (You are right, Baby, I have been busy!)

I have alot to say, but not sure what I will share.

ALOT has been happening in my busy little week, so I will ponder the who, what & why. Then decide.

PS.. Welcome to my Blog new followers! I am excited as I see a couple of new faces. I am anxious to catch up on yours and owe some comments to my ole faithfuls.

Stay tune, it may be a bumpy ride!


lakeviewer said...

You must be tired and worn out. The blog can wait until you're all settled into your new routine.

janis said...

Thanks Rosaria~ You are so sweet. I promised myself to catch up on my blog reading before posting. I do love working full time again, just miss the "free" time!