Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessing # 10... Annie's Home!

Well Spring Break is over for my Baby Girl.

Yesterday, my Tanny Annie, bid farewell to her beach, and loaded the plane with her buddies bound for Home.

She looks gorgeous! (sorry, no pics, maybe later) My girls tan so beautifully (thanks to Dad's genes). Annie has a sparkle. The sun, fun, and week off from school & work did her good.

We have this thing I have always done with them. High point, low point. I always ask what the best thing about the event, trip or whatever was (the high point) and what was the worst part (low point). Annie told me the high point was just having the whole group (her classmates as well as other seniors spring breakers) getting along so well, drama free every day & night hanging out together. The low point was it having to end and head back.

Perfect! I am sooo glad she had a lovely vacation! She deserved it! She needed it. A perfect memory for these Seniors to have.

Now to get through the next 9 weeks until graduation!


lakeviewer said...

Senioritis, we call this time of the year when good students tend to forget that school is still in session, and their grades/work still counts. You can breathe, Janis, you have been there before.

Linda said...

Glad she had a great time!! :)

Sarah's Spring Break is just beginning - all of this week. We'll be having some fun times in the midst of more doctor visits for her wrist (non-displaced fracture in the Scaphoid bone) - That's what actually happened nearly 3 weeks ago when she fell off the skateboard. :(

janis said...

Ah yes, Rosaria, Senoritis. Luckily, Annie shows no symptoms of this. She is such a hard worker & with Yearbook (shes Editor) she is working her butt off when not studying or working her job. She will be starting this fall @ BSU with 9 college credits transferable of classes she is takeing in HS. If anything, I think she has outgrown high school, ready for some more serious studies and the life of College.
Oh Linda~ so sorry that Sarah will be spending time at the Doctors! How painful! My cousin had a horrible skatebaord freak accident that changed his life. If only he had had a helmet. His head injury has destroyed his short term memory, and life for this talented now 20 year old has never been the same since that accident 5 years ago. Please tell Sarah to wear proper gear! Micheal was a very talented athelic and hit a small crack in the pavement. When he fell he hit his head just so. It has been so hard for him.