Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pretty Princess and the Last Prom

Today, I had the joy of hanging with my beautiful daughter, preparing her for her Senior prom. We had Mani-pedi's at the nearby "Lovely Nails". Went to "Saks Fifth Ave", for the Bobby Brown make up. Had her hair styled by the wonderful Lindsey in Broad Ripple. Then home to throw "the dress & shoes" on. And out the door for pictures.

First stop was
"Seros" Annie's restaurant. She and friend, Haley, met with co-workers to show off their dresses. Annie has been blessed to work there for a couple of years now and they are so good to her. The owners will be so disappointed they missed Annie & Haley.

Next stop was Nathans. Annie's boyfriend. Why didn't they go together you are wondering? Well, Annie & Nathan have gone to two previous proms together. Also, this is "Little Five" (big party weekend & bike race @ Indiana University) Annie wanted to let Nathan be freed up to go visit his buddies for the event. Nathan ended up having an opportunity to work for his family business. They own a Banquet Hall and were hosting another High School Prom. Nathan was DJ'ing it. A chance to earn money! A must for all college students. And third, Annie wanted to go with a group of friends, her "date" has been one of her best friends for many years. He also was her partner in Fall Homecoming. Sean is kindof her Richie. She is fortunate to have a wonderful trusting boyfriend. Nathan & Annie have a strong relationship. Prom is just a High School dance.

That brings us to Sean's for the first two photos. Gorgeous group, huh?
My Annie was able to wear 4" heels, and that dress... Isn't it the prettiest dress you ever saw? She fit it perfect, her coloring, her figure. The back was as pretty as the front. Oh my Goodness! I never looked like that!!!

She will enjoy this sweet parting, if you will, the growing up and a little bit of a goodbye to her high school friends. In just a few weeks they will graduate and part ways.

My princess will have a wonderful evening. I love her so much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blessing #5

Grandma Kitty
Grandma Texas
Miss Kitty
The Pussy Cat
Kathryn Louise Wright

This is the famous Grandma Kitty. If you knew me growing up, you knew Grandma Kitty. She was a huge part of my "who I have become". She insisted you call her Grandma Kitty too (or any of the above).

She is an Angel now. I am quite sure that she watches over me as well as many others.

In my quest to figure out why I am going through a difficult time, I often run across pictures like this throughout my home. This one is framed sitting on a shelf in my laundry room. I see it everyday. It makes me smile, every day.

You see, although she was this incredible loving and amazing woman, she had endured many "bumps" along the road. Things were sometimes unbearable for her, but she always prevailed. She would always make the best of things, find the good and, yes the humor in everything.

This photo was of her "riding" a water tank, bringing a smile to my Grandfather, reminding him, that one day, they would get to ride off into the sunset. Which they did, many times. In their golden years they enjoyed "real" horses and the good life.

Then again, Grandma Kitty always made life good. She taught me, You make the best of what you have, Complaining doesn't change things, attitudes do.
...And humor helps!

Coming Soon...

Sorry I have been MIA. Or as Emily so kindly mentioned, "neglecting my Blog". Ha Ha! (You are right, Baby, I have been busy!)

I have alot to say, but not sure what I will share.

ALOT has been happening in my busy little week, so I will ponder the who, what & why. Then decide.

PS.. Welcome to my Blog new followers! I am excited as I see a couple of new faces. I am anxious to catch up on yours and owe some comments to my ole faithfuls.

Stay tune, it may be a bumpy ride!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Save Second Base!

This morning Emily & I joined thousands of others in "The Race for a Cure," here in Indianapolis. This was the chosen event for her sorority, Chi Omega, and Mom's Day.

I can't think of a better day to spend with my daughter.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for the walk/run.

Thousands and thousands turned out for the event.

I can not tell you how much I appreciated getting to take this walk with her, to chat and visit. And to stand up to Breast Cancer.

If you look closely you can read the shirt.
The bottom says: "Save Second Base" .
Emily was afraid I would be offended. I wasn't at all. Catchy phrases always make people think. We saw many "Save the TaTas!", "Save Boobies (they are awesome!)", just to mention a few.

I don't know why I have always been so passionate about Breast Cancer awareness. Cancer has hit my family, but, not breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy at thirty. Luckily it was benign.

I had a friend, (actually, I knew her children better than her), that died just shy of her fortieth birthday, leaving her three children, Motherless. Her biggest fear was that her job raising them wasn't enough. Had she given them everything? Taught them all she could? She worried more about them than anything else the Cancer brought her. At her funeral, her son was about 12, and read a prayer. He prayed that.. "God would protect Mothers everywhere, like his own, that put he and his sisters first, Mothers that make sure their children have fun, that they spend time with their children and sacrifice for their children". I cried. Mary Ellen would be so proud.

Every time I hear this song from Sarah McLaughlin I think of Mary Ellen. It was the last thing played at her funeral. Then we took a ride past a favorite bar on the way to the burial. For MaryEllen.

This picture was taken after the walk and lunch. How is it Emily can look so cute after walking three and a half miles? I look like I felt. Needing a shower and to rest my tired legs!

Husband For Sale...

Husband for Sale, only fifty cents!

Any Mom with daughters between 15 and 25 remember Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's little cassette tapes and movies that my daughters loved. Every now & then, something will trigger one of those cutesy annoying songs the twins sang.

Today, (and last night) I couldn't get their, "Brother for sale, only fifty cents!" song out of my head. Only I changed the words. I don't have a brother. BUT for fifty cents, I just might sell my husband!

PS..he's not for sale anymore. But boy, was I irritated for a while!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Day!

Today was beautiful in Indianapolis.

Working downtown now, I park a couple blocks from my office and truly enjoy the walk to the office building. (Well, I do now that I understand why women don't wear high heels everyday when they walk to downtown everyday. You carry your pretty shoes, and wear them on the carpet! I learn the hard way, but am healing.)

We are encouraged to take breaks at my office. Go outside, get some fresh air. Take a walk around the Monument Circle.

In this older photo of Monument Circle, the shot was taken facing south. My office is just a block and a half west of the circle. Today I ate on the circle with a new office colleague. We watched twenty-some school children excited about their feild trip to "the circle". People were busy but smiling.

Spring was fresh in the air. It smelled so fresh and clean which surprised me, as we were in the center of downtown.

My new office is in an old building, just three stories high. It was bought when the older larger building was getting crowded and they need more space. I love it. We actually open the windows for the crisp air to flow in. I am on the third floor. The office is very relaxed and friendly.

I like working downtown. I did once before. Between my Freshman & Sophomore years in college. A "tad" few years ago.

Much has changed since then. However, much is the same. Working a "State" job, I have access to get get into government buildings taking the old tunnels underground, from building to building. The memories of Sheri & I taking a city bus, from High School to downtown, meeting my Mom for lunch on half days came to mind. The tunnel has not changed. Except for the tight security now.

I feel good.

I like the job. I like the atmosphere. I like the hours. I like the people.

It will be interesting to see how it goes. I am hoping this isn't just "The Honeymoon stage". I am hoping this will grow into a passionate love affair with the beautiful city of mine that I have forgotten about for too long. I am hoping this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a job that I, (dare I say) like.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cute Pet Contest

For my fellow animal lovers I give you my, Dakota & Emily's, Isabell. A sweet Kitty for the Cat lovers. An adorable Puppy for the Dog Lovers!

Emily entered with this photo of her Kitty Isabell:

I love this shot. Emily is twenty but still likes to dress up her "doll". Isabell also has a bikini, but gets really mad wearing it!

To vote for Emily's Kitty picture, please go to:

I decided to get in on the action (after voting for Isabell), and entered this photo of Dakota.
For voting for Dakota:
Please go to:

Enter your Babies! It's fun!
Sher~ Here's your chance to get Gabby in "pictures".
Deb~ Where are those precious Pooches?
Pam~ I am sure you have some great shots of your guys & gals!
Mary~ The new Kitty, come on!
Rich~ How about Laurel?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Singin' in The Rain

Life isn't about
how to survive the storm,
how to dance in the rain!

Growing up, my girls learn to appreciate simple things.
Like Puddle Walks & singing in the Rain.

We loved going to the zoo when it rained. Have you ever had the pleasure of watching animals at play on a hot day with a mid day shower?

As long as it wasn't lightening & thundering, we would go on swimming in the rain.

Puddle walks in the spring and summer and even fall days. Neighbors thought we were crazy, kids LOVED the idea.

There is nothing like a hot humid Indiana summer day when a rain will come! Mud between your toes, counting worms and viewing the gorgeous rainbows.

Playing in the rain was, well, fun!

Guess what? We didn't melt, we didn't catch colds. We got frizzy hair and dirty, but we loved it!

Big Day

Today I start the new job.

I am nervous yet excited at the same time.

Today, I will get my badge ordered, get shown around, start to learn the ropes. I have a nice notebook in my purse waiting for the notes to begin. I have my clothes laid out, stuff organized. I will soon get my face on as well as the outfit I chose to make those first impressions.

I feel like a youngster getting ready to meet new classmates. Will they like me? Will I make a friend? Am I really qualified for this position? How quick will I learn names let along the job? Will I like this job?

My title is Retirement Quality Analyst. There are so many duties with this position. I am interested and curious about the details. Basically, I will be auditing retirement accounts.

Sergio, tells me, no one loves their job. I know this not to be true. In fact, he is so passionate about his, I can't imagine him not loving what he does. I loved a few jobs myself. My work at the Deaf School and Preschools were among my favorites.

I think, I can learn to love any job given the right environment and work relations.

Well, it's time to roll! Wish me success!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Adjustments

Easter changes as the kids grow up. I cherish the memories of the girls looking for Easter eggs and rummaging through the Easter Baskets. The Egg Hunts ended a couple of years ago. The Easter baskets changed too. I have gotten bad about decorating and "enjoying" the season as much as once upon a time.

This year, as promised, I did get the Easter stuff out and decorated the home. The girls were tickled, or at least I think they appreciated my effort. My white Easter tree with precious homemade as well as delicate store bought eggs was brought out and placed out of reach of the cats and dogs. Unfortunately, it was too close in the entry and got scarified by Annie's jacket or purse when she came in the house. Some survived, but some did not.

Several times I asked the girls what they wanted for their baskets, although instead of saying baskets, I kept saying, "stockings" . They teased me about this. They also insisted that I not do baskets this year. After all, I got them the new phones, phone covers, and Emily's kitty spay expenses. I got some little stuff anyway. I can't imagine not. They got a DVD, magazine, and some candy. I could not find the Easter Baskets last night! So, I adjusted. I knew where their stockings were, so I grabbed them! Well, they are orange & pink! The girls laughed when they saw them! A memory has been born!

Dinner was different too. Just the four of us. I think this was the very first year for that. My Sis & hubby stopped by for a visit, as did Nathan (Annie"s boyfriend). But dinner was small with just us four. The smallest ham I could find was 8 pounds, that's two pounds each! Oh and Emily doesn't eat pork so make that 3.33 pounds each!
And candy...
I have always loved candy so Easter is an excuse to buy alot of it. I couldn't get down the candy isle at Meijers yesterday. It was a madhouse. I ended up at the drug store with just a little. After all, it will be on sell tomorrow, right?

Well, I am hungry again. SO, I think I will eat another Peeps!

Happy Easter!

May you all have a Blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quick Full Week

It has been a long week, yet it also felt like it flew.

I got notification Monday afternoon about getting the new job. That put me in "nesting" mode. You know, like the way you feel right before giving birth. You start thinking about all the stuff you wont have time to take care of when the baby arrives, so you start cleaning, running the errands, getting "prepared".

I keep thinking, 8-4:30 Monday through Friday.

No more sleeping in after sending Annie to school. So I went back to bed and slept in nearly every day.

I read a book. Front to back. Jodi Picoult's "Handle with Care". Great story, had me engrossed through the entire story. I hated the end! It pissed me off. I do recommend it. Picoult writes so well. It was really good.

I tried to go through Blogworld and catch up on everyone. I got sad thinking that I will not be able to spend as much time with this addiction. Interestingly, a fellow blogger had recently posted about time management with her blog and how she needed to spend more time with her real world and was torn. I completely understood. The advice she got will help me as well. I am going to try to cut down to every other day. I just have to manage my time better!

Monday, Annie & I went to the AT&T store and got new phones. I got a great deal on the LG Vu. Two phones for $160 and we will get two $50 rebates in the mail. Don't you hate how instead of taking the "rebate" off they mail it back to you in credit card form? Anyway, the girls needed new phones and it fits in an Easter basket!

I went to Muncie on Tuesday, had dinner with my Emily, and picked up her kitten. I brought Isabella (the kitten) home with me. I then took her Wednesday to be spayed. I have been babying her all week. Again,Happy Easter Em. She is so grateful that I took care of this.

I had some real estate business to take care of. Time consuming but necessary.

Had some financial business to attend to. Again, necessary. Anxious for the better pay checks to start!

I "tried" to get housework in order. I can never seem to get caught up. How will I when I am working 40 hours a week? Maybe, the family will chip in better.

I worked at the "old" job Thursday evening. I had planned to also work Friday, but the called me in to tell me they were not busy, so stop by with the id badge but don't plan on working. That ticked me off. I didn't get to say goodbye. I decided to wait till next week and turn in the badge when my pay check is ready. We can trade then. Snots.

Last night, Sergio asked me how to start a blog. I jumped at the opportunity to help him! We created a nice blog for him. It is:
"The Patriot".

It will be an interesting read I think. He is very interesting (although stubborn and opinionated at times). I am curious to see where he goes with this. He has started it with stories of his past. He is Mexican and growing up here in the sixties & seventies was difficult at times. He was born in Monterrey Mexico, but his Mother returned to the states shortly after his birth. (that's right she was already living in Detroit and went to her homeland to have her son. Sergio was three months old when he traveled to America.)
My husband has a leadership position within the International UAW. He is a powerful man and I am very proud of his accomplishments. He is political. I am curious to see if he goes "there". I hope you venture over and check his blog.

Well, today is Saturday. Emily is home for the Easter Holiday. Annie is home, but shortly has to go to work. I am going to go for now, and spend some time with this lovely family of mine.

Love to you all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Say What? Are You Serious!

THIS came in the mail for me today:
What the heck? I opened it. To this:
Are they freakin' kidding me? Seriously?
Oh, I am sorry if you are "OLD" like me apparently, you may not be able to read this. Let me interpret it.
"Old" or "Pre-Old" woman, at least this woman, doesn't like to be reminded of this crap. Certainly do not want to sign up for a freakin' seminar.

Show me some sensitivity!

A few years ago, one of my Besties, decided we all needed to prepare for Menopause. She found some helpful books, bought a set for herself and send us each a set. I threw them in a closet. Mind you I am the oldest of the Besties. If I don't feel old, how can they? Why rush it? Well, a couple of years later, I did pull the books out and found them very helpful. At least in understanding the whole pre-menopause stuff. I am still "child-bearing" and not completely menopausal. I really don't need seminars and such to prepare me. Quite capable of pulling my own information off the Internet and from my books.

How do these people get the information that I am "old"? It's not like I am 50 and joined AARP.

Ha Ha! reading my blog, right.


I like to think that I am not superstitious. But I know I really am.

When I became a Catholic, my Priest told me horoscopes, fortune tellers, and superstitions are all big No-Nos. Something about having no other gods and believing in these things are in fact taking the focus of our God out of the picture.

No problem.

I never read my horoscope again. Never did a fortune telling. And tried very hard to get rid of my superstitions.

I have a black cat. Rocky crosses my path every day. I think that all is good, unless my life would be lucky without him. I love him too much to believe he brings me bad luck. I have had him for 14 years (he's 16 years old). Not getting rid of him!

I DO...
think seeing Deer will bring me a good day
think death comes in threes
hold my breathe when going by cemeteries
pick my feet up when going over rail road tracks
think finding four leaf clovers are good luck (I have found dozens! I guess they equaled out the bad luck from my Black cat!)
make a wish on the first star I see
"find a penny pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck"
Freak about breaking a mirror
believe, "if the hand I write with itches, I will be losing money soon, if my other hand itches I will soon receive money"
And never ever step on a crack or under a ladder

Yeah, I am guessing this all makes me a pretty superstitious person!
What about you?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yay Me!

I got the job I have been trying to get!

A real job with "full time" hours!

I start Monday!

Yay Me!

Friendship Quote

Friendship is born
at that moment
when one person
says to another:
You, too?
I thought I was the only one!


What The Heck?

It is snowing on my Easter Tree! Today is April 6th (I know the picture says 5/4, but it is lying & I can't figure out how to remove the stupid date!) Spring is here. But Mother Nature is confused. I just packed away the coats this past week. It took me a few minutes to find Annie's this morning so she could have one for school.

It poured rain yesterday. This morning we woke to snow flurries. What the heck? Only in Indiana! It's sunny and warm weather one minute, then in a sneeze, it is snowing!

Crappy mood to follow ) :

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessing # 10... Annie's Home!

Well Spring Break is over for my Baby Girl.

Yesterday, my Tanny Annie, bid farewell to her beach, and loaded the plane with her buddies bound for Home.

She looks gorgeous! (sorry, no pics, maybe later) My girls tan so beautifully (thanks to Dad's genes). Annie has a sparkle. The sun, fun, and week off from school & work did her good.

We have this thing I have always done with them. High point, low point. I always ask what the best thing about the event, trip or whatever was (the high point) and what was the worst part (low point). Annie told me the high point was just having the whole group (her classmates as well as other seniors spring breakers) getting along so well, drama free every day & night hanging out together. The low point was it having to end and head back.

Perfect! I am sooo glad she had a lovely vacation! She deserved it! She needed it. A perfect memory for these Seniors to have.

Now to get through the next 9 weeks until graduation!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...

"Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping down the bunny trail,
Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!"

Easter is in 8 days! Eight days! Oh my Goodness! Time has flown!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. It is a new awakening. Spring is in the air. Flowers blooming, birds chirping. It is a time for us Christians to remember and rejoice in Christ. Our faith is renewed. Our hopes are lifted.

When the girls were younger, I was the queen of decorating for holidays. Christmas - check, Thanksgiving - check, Halloween - check, Forth of July - check, Valentines - check, St Patricks Day - check, Easter -DOUBLE CHECK!

I get it honestly. One of the things I am grateful in my Mom is she was the same way. I grew up with the idea. Although, Mom can go overboard. She loves Easter egg hunts, we made her retire the tradition when we counted several hundred plastic eggs filled with candy & money for our four children. That was a bit overboard!

This past year, one of my girls mentioned they miss that I don't decorate anymore. They both told me how much they appreciated it and missed that we don't do it anymore. With depression, moving and even the girls growing up and lacking in the interest of helping me with the decorating, i just let it go. I gave away alot of stuff, but today I found a box of Easter stuff.

Annie is on her way home from Florida. My goal is to get this stuff up and decorate the house to surprise her. Emily too will be pleased when she comes home Friday for the weekend.

So, I best be off. Gotta play Peter Cottontail!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I know I often play the "Crappy Life" card. But, please know that I really have a wonderful life for which I am grateful. Venting and validating is just a way to get pass things.

The Blessings are far more plentiful than the bad, difficult or uncomfortable parts. I know I have said it many times, but, truly, I believe it is all a part of the big plan God has for me and I need to remember to enjoy the ride.

I am grateful for so much.

My God, Family and Friends. My opportunities and my experiences. My health, happiness and love. My sense of humor and my caring sensative soul.

I thank God every single day.

Remember These?

Okay, enough of Queen! That got old. So, I changed the playlist to four oldies but goodies.

Mary D~ be sure you listen to Uncle Albert!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reason #10 Why I am MESSED UP

This photo is dated 1971 so I am 9 or 10. We are having dinner.
Growing up in my house, family dinner conversations were always stange. I have NO IDEA what the hell we are talking about or why I have my shirt up. And why on earth do I have this photo? My sister must have taken it, as she isn't in the photo.
What's up with this?
Thankful, I have no memory of this one!

Why I Never Made it as a Performer

Here I am, at the Brookside Park Dance Recitals.

Can you find me? Here's a hint, I am wanting to help the screaming child on the out skirts of the stage. I didn't hear anyone say, "Look this way, Now Cheese!" Am I the only one worried about that poor screaming little girl off stage?

Here is the next year.
Again, I must be deaf. No one said, "Smile at the camera!". I am looking sad. Am I worried about the performance? Am I jealous because my Sister had a big part? Big Baby!

Third year.
Hey, I am looking at the camera this time! That is me in the cat costume. Not looking happy, but at least I am looking at the camera this year.

Aren't those hilarious? I am cracking myself up!

On the Blog, AGAIN!

Well, Sergio is back out of town. I have sooooo much I should be doing! I am going to work this evening & had planned on using my time wisely, but... here I am again on the BLOG!

I just am doing my own thing to my own rules! I will power clean, maybe, when I get home tonight. Maybe.. I still have tomorrow morning & afternoon..

I start cleaning or working on something then I get a thought or find a photo. You know. I wanna play instead of work! Why did I agree to come in on my off days??? Oh yeah, because they cut my hours so badly that I will take whatever I can until I find "Full time" work again.

But back to fun stuff.

I was on the phone earlier and saw Daffodil's out the window! I didn't know I had them because they were on the other side of the privacy fence and I couldn't see unless I was upstairs or back in the rear yard. Aren't they pretty? I cut some to put in the vase Annie made me. So Springy!

I just noticed the date (wrong date at that) is on these pictures. Dang it! I hate when that happens! Just ignore it.

I have a couple of more things I want to post. So I will let you go...for now...

Magic Music

I love music! I always have. I love everything from Classical to Rock. I love the in between stuff. The Bluegrass, the Jazz, Gospel, even Rap and New Wave.

Wishfully I had always wanted to sing. I never made choir (my lisp kept me from even trying out). I secretly wanted to join "Up With People" a Christian Traveling Band from the 70's, but obviously never did.

When I was in High School, Rich & I went to Young Life. every week. We loved it. It is a Christian youth group. We sang, played games and had a lesson in it. We even became Leaders when we grew up for a brief time. When the group would sing, Derek (our Leader) made it silly and fun. Rich and I would sing along but never belted them out very loud... Until we got in the car for the ride home. There we sang our poor little hearts out! Loud, Proud and badly! Although, truth be known Rich had a great voice and was better than he realized.

Today, I sing loud, proud and badly whenever I am alone. Especially, in the car.

Some songs do it better than others. The ones that are deep in you, and when you hear them, you sing along LOUDLY. How is it I can remember the words to some strange song from years ago, but important stuff I forget daily?

Last night, I think I scared the person next to me on the interstate as I sang "Aerosmiths, Janie's Got A Gun". Then at midnight on my way home they played, "Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody", of course who can not sing along with this?

Anytime I hear Journey, Queen, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, or REO Speedwagon, I am singing along at the top of my lungs.

I have even been known to sing some of Emienem and Usher stuff.

What is it with these songs? Hope you enjoy!

"You Heifer"

My Sister, Julie, and I are very close. We are two years apart. We grew up loving, playing & sharing. We also, like most Sisters had our moments.

When Julie was in 7th, 8th & 9th grades, lets just say she wasn't as crazy about me then as she is today. Grant it, that would mean I was in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. We were going through puberty and probably not always as lovely as we could have been. Also, it was quite a time of change. Our state had just introduced "BUSING" and Julie's class was the first to get to go across town to the new Middle School with kids from across our city. New experiences and culture differences.

Julie got kindof mean to me (sorry Jules). We had bedrooms in the basement of our home. Julie placed a poster from "The Rolling Stones","Goats Head Soup" album on her door to keep me form going in her room. It worked I was terrified of that poster. I can still see the goats eyes piercing into me! I had to walk by it to go to the bathroom and refused in the middle of the night. That is what a chicken I was. I must have been quite a tattle-tell back then. I know I irritated the crap out of Julie. She got so mad at me. She started singing "Elton John's" "The Bitch is Back" whenever I pissed her off. So I tattled. She was no longer allowed to do that. So she came up with calling me a "Heifer". And she would add "you know what I mean!". My Dad would snicker, Heifer is not a bad word, leave it alone Jan! Even today, I think about it when I see the word Heifer. She was so creative!

A few years later, when I started high school. we became very close. I can't imagine trying to get through high school without her. She drove me everywhere, she got me into her high school club. She was protective and she was my confidante. We had many many fun memories together.

When we went off to school and lived in separate states, we missed each other so much. the worst was when she lived in New York, then South Dakota. I was thrilled when they moved back to Indiana.

Several years ago, Julie ran across a cassette tape that she and a friend put together back in that era. At one point, she got made at me and our little conversation is caught on that tape. She called me apologizing. She felt so bad about being mean to me. I was tickled but seriously, I never felt she was mean. We were sisters, we loved each other and we would get made at each other. That is what sisters did!

I feel so incredible Blessed for the relationship we share. I am very close to Julie. I can't imagine not having her in my life! We no longer live in the same city but try to get together more often. We email, call and I love when we meet up for lunch.

I will always be her loving little Heifer, she will always be my hero Heifer!


New item in my tabs I noticed this morning before writing a posting. "MONETIZE" If you use Blogspot, you have it too. It allows you to have ads on your blog that will pay you for using your space.

Recently, a friend suggested I put ads on my blog to make a little extra cash. I declined, and I hope you will too.

Let me explain.

When I visit blogs, I am interested in the person, the subject, the blog in general. Besides the content of the blog, I love gadgets. I enjoy the gadgets like pictures, music, list, blog followers. I love the profile on the side bar. I love bloggers that change their layouts.

I can count on "Over the Fence", to have seasonal backgrounds bringing new cheer of each holiday. "Willow Manor", lets me know what she is reading, eating, and here current tea."FireByrd", always have the coolest photo at the top of her blog that changes periodically. "Count Your Blessings", & "Musings from the Deep" always share my music interest with great playlist. "Lori Times Five" & "One Foot in Front of the Other" have blog list showing new postings on their favorite blogs.

I have wandered onto a few blogs that have the advertisements. Hate them! They distract me. They depersonalize the blog. They irritate me. Most likely, I wont return to that blog, regardless to the content of the blog. It bugs me that much.

So, you wont be seeing the distracting ads on my blog. Tempting to wave a dollar at me, but not worth capitalism. Hopefully you too will reframe.