Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wildlife Pet Disasters

By now, we have all heard the horrific story in the news about Travis, the 14 yr old, 200 pound pet Chimpanzee that attacked Charla Nash, friend of Travis' owner and nearly killed her. Apparently Ms. Herold (the Chimp's owner) was having a difficult time getting Travis back in the house and called her friend for assistance. Travis had to be shot after many attempts to get him to stop failed. Ms. Nash is recovering and facing numerous additional surgeries. It is a miracle she survived.

An adult Chimpanzee weighing 150 pounds is said to have the strength of 3 - 5 humans.

Travis shared a bed and shower with his owner..

In 2005, another adult "pet" Chimp attacked a man, chewing off his nose and genitals.

I just heard of another strange story of a woman that was very affectionate to her large Boa Constrictor Snake. She allowed it to roam about the house, and it took to sharing her bed. She asked her veterinarian about the snakes strange new habit of laying length-wise next to her in bed. That he would stretch as long as he could every evening and wondered why he started doing this "funny" thing. The Vet told her, that the snake was "sizing" her up and attempting to see if he could swallow her. As if the snake is long enough, he will prey upon what he is thinking about eating.

I kept a Boa for a friend one semester, as he could not keep her in his dorm. I rarely let her out of her aquarium in fear she would go after my cats. I never thought she would go after me! She was about 4 feet long, my friend had to part with her when she reached 6 feet.

I also had Diego, the hedgehog. Grant it he was tiny but we respected the fact that he was a "wild" animal. I would never had bought him nor had an interest in obtaining him as I have always felt the wild animals belonged to the wild. However, this was given to Annie, and so we did provide a good life for the little fellow. Diego was born in a cage and had no survival skills.

I don't understand people. Why people feel the need to take a wild animal and turn it into a house pet. I get the sanctuaries, the havens for Old, Abused, or Abandoned animals. But I don't get these idiots that try to change what is. Meaning the nature of a wild animal.

I just do not get it.


Linda said...

I don't get it either!

Honestly, I hadn't heard the story because I don't follow much of the news items. But this is ridiculous. Wild animals are not meant to be pets.

An English Shepherd said...

Oh god that Boa Constrictor story is a bit scary !!! :-O

kiokusou said...

My thoughts exactly - I think I'll have nightmares about the boa 'sizing her up' for the rest of the week, at least!!!