Saturday, February 28, 2009

Secret # 13 on Successful Marriages

Back in October, I posted "Secrets to A Successful Marriage". Time to add to the list, therefore here is Secret # 13!

What may look like a jar of marbles to you is much more to another.

Here is how the story goes:
Once there was a young couple that was in love. The woman saw her husband slip a penny into a box under the bed. This was shortly after they had made love. She asked what was up with the pennies. He smiled and said he had been sticking pennies in the box since they first made love. That he had heard that if you save a penny for each time you make love the first year, it will take a lifetime to empty the box removing (taking one each time) them following that first year. He wanted to prove the theory wrong.

Of course she adored it! But she also wanted to change it up a bit for their own tradition. They traded the pennies for marbles and keep them in a glass jar (They look prettier). Instead of removing marbles, they just keep adding them!
Isn't that sweet!

Little things like this I believe keep magic in a marriage.


Vevay Anderson said...

What a beautiful story!

sroman said...

Somehow, I misunderstood this lesson. Instead, I lost all my marbles being married.

Lori ann said...

I like your attitude Janis, and thank you for sharing your secrets!

Linda said...

Very sweet!