Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Music Wasteland

I "wasted" four hours creating a new playlist for my blog today.

I picked 190 songs. Everything from Aerosmith to Petula Clark. Diane Krall to ZZ Top. I pulled songs, picked the best recordings and loaded them. Then I set the playlist on Random so you can hear one extreme to another. I even changed the settings so now when Rich or Sheri come visit my blog, they are not distracted. Instead, if someone wants to listen, they can click it on.

I can not believe how quickly I filled it up. (Okay, I don't mean as in time, I know, it took 4 hours, but I mean, I ran out of space before music). There is so many Artist that didn't make the list.


I think I have screwed up my computer. It is taking freakin' forever! I may have to remove the playlist!

My computer is trashed. I use a laptop that has a monitor hooked up because something happened to the screen on the laptop, and it was one of those things that would cost more to fix than replace. So, it isn't much of a laptop.

My Emily has a wonderful Mac. I love it. Heck, I would even love some cheap NEW computer more than this DELL I have. DELL is not my friend. I will go back to Hewitt Packard next time.


I don't know if this silly playlist will work or not for your entertainment. If it does, keep in mind, just hit the play button then hit next if you don't want to hear Ella first. She is always first, she earned it.


lakeviewer said...

My computer guru tells me that I do not have enough memory to add gadgets such as a music. You might have extended your capacity, in the act of generosity.

But, we love your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing that, I am in the Rich and Sheri camp. If you don't want to buy a new computer you can keep your music and pictures on an external hard drive, cheaper and doesn't clog up your computer...Deb

Linda said...

You certainly have a wide variety of musical tastes, just like I do. :) I used to have a playlist on my blog, but I removed it a while ago because it just seemed to clutter things up and create problems with loading.

I've had a lot of problems with blogger and photos, so I removed a bunch of stuff from mine.

Happy Friday to you!

mary d said...

four hours!?!
you definitely need to give your blog up for lent. : )

An English Shepherd said...

Yes, 4 Hours !!! I can’t concentrate on anything for more than 30 seconds. Apart from my food of course :-)

Fire Byrd said...

And I didn't get any of your music at all, which is odd cause it usually plays... but on the other hand do I want to listen to ZZ top??

Anonymous said...

Sorry this messed up on you-- I hope I was not the only reason you made this change. Hope you can reverse it. Have a great weekend,


Mark said...

My Blog is already showing my love for music but I am going to either shut my player off or remove it. Hope you are up and running soon your site as become a daily stopping place for me.

Lori ann said...

It's too bad you can't figure it out to be just the way you want it Janis. I hope you get a new computer soon?

anyway, music is lovely and silence is either way...

janis said...

Thank you for the lovely comments!
Obviously, I had to remove my playlist. My computer was acting like it was on crack. It was very distrubing. I need to clean this computer up better. I have way too many photos, music, and files that need to be put onto memory sticks.
Oh well ) :
My playlist was fabulous and I hope that some of you got a chance to hear it.
Mark~ I had some Hinder, and Rich~ some Styx. FireByrd~ oh my Gosh, Yes of course you want to hear a little ZZ Top! As well as Chris Botti, Aerosmith, Chicago, Lynryd Skynrd, Eva Cassidy, The Fray, Led Zeplin, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Rolling Stones, Carly Simon, Jack Johnson, Marina McBride, RUSH, Stylistics... I could go on and on and on. Music is good for the soul and the heart. I love mixing it up and having fun with it!

Ziongirl said...

Janis, I am so sorry about your bad computer and playlist day. I guess we just have to learn to roll with the punches....and that is tough some days. I get to hang out today with both daughters and the grandkids. YEAH!!!!

Ziongirl said...

Janis, I cannot figure out how to make my playlist go to shuffle. Can you even go there today and guide me in that direction or is going to the "dark side" to soon?