Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Dream House

This is my dream house.
I have been in love with it for about 30 years. I first saw it and knew one day, I would want to live here, when I was around 16 years old. After marrying Sergio, I discovered that he also loved it. It became available 15 years ago, but we were not in the position to buy it. Someone else got it before our home sold.
So we built this one.

This was a wonderful big house, perfect for raising the girls. We had a cul de sac, finished basement, basketball court, pool, and all the bells & whistles. It was in a small town, and the girls had a fabulous childhood growing up here. Particularly the teen years. I bet we had several hundred sleep overs here. And countless get-togethers/parties. Living here was the right choice.

But now the girls are grown and Annie is rarely home with her many activities, and of course, Emily is living in Muncie 10 months out of the year. We put the big house on the market last summer.

We are currently living in a much smaller home that we have been making home improvements on. We were not sure how long we wanted to stay at this home. Wanted to see what the market does and what opportunities come our way.

Now, my dream home has become available once again.

It is perfect.

Really perfect.

It sits on a quiet street with a golf course view in front (2nd picture). We are so tempted to purchase it now. The biggest problem is it is maxed out at the top of the market for the area. I do not believe this home will ever sell for much more than what it is currently. So if we want it, we have to understand that we will be "stuck" here or take a chance at a loss if we choose to sell.

It has an interesting floor plan and set up. Perfect for us. It has a 4 car garage behind the home. I love the three porches with there lovely views. Two fireplaces and the most gorgeous leaded glass windows. It has three bedrooms with one on the main floor. And it has a secondary kitchen in the finished basement!

I want this house. I have always wanted this house.

We decided to wait till May/June. If it is still available, then we may make an offer. Once again my patience is being tested.

We will see.


lakeviewer said...

If you can swing it, buy the house and enjoy it as long as you can. Houses have a way to keep us grounded.

Natalie said...

Love the story. Good plan to wait a little, I really hope you get it, I love to see a dream come true. :D

Pammy Sue said...

How exciting! If it's meant to be, it'll be yours. If not now, at another time.

Anonymous said...

Is this right off Pleasant Run Golf Course--- sure looks familiar.

What a great looking house!


Mark said...

Jan, If you can swing it right now there is no greater time to buy, but purchase with your head not your heart... LOW BALL THEM! There is no one in the market right now if the home is over priced then it will sit.

Try and not use a second realtor use just theirs and that realtor can and may cut their commision.

Do not use their home inspection though, get an independent one of your own.

I am the salesmanager for one of the largest scattered lot builders in the US if you need help, JUST ASK.

sroman said...

I have always loved this house and this street. I can totally picture you and Sergio living there. Right now, I would be thrilled to have a house!