Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Gym

We joined a gym. Now this may not seem like a big deal to most of you. Everyone either belongs to a gym or has a workout home plan. At least most everyone I know.

We use to belong to the YMCA. Sergio had a membership when we married. He added me, then the girls through the years. I took a class or two (maybe?). I signed the girls up and utilized it somewhat with them. Annie was in a couple of basketball teams, I remember. As the years past, the girls & I quit going there. They had their own places, particularly gymnastics and competition cheer later.

I faked it. I did LOVE my yoga classes that I took for a couple of years, but as my friends quit, so did I. Who wants to go solo?

Besides, I was always skinny. I knew one day it might catch up to me. I knew I could gain weight, but lazy as I am, I laughed off "working out". I always thought, I will have plenty of time, once I gain weight.

Whoops! I gained weight, rather quickly, and didn't have a plan!

Remember, I have said, I am comfortable with the weight gain. But that isn't exactly true. Although I did need some weight, I didn't expect it to just appear and, be so, "there". You know? What the heck? I gained a little gut, bus driver arms and love handles all at once!

Now, I get it. I need a plan. I need to "tone" this weight into muscle instead of flab. Hence, joining the gym.

We found LA Fitness. Great place! Plenty of equipment, instructors, lap pool and even saunas. This place is very clean! The locker rooms are so pretty I wanted to just stay in there. Seriously, I did not want to go out there.

Sergio & Annie went with me this first time, coaxing me and encouraging me. I felt like a "fat ugly Mom'. I had no idea what I was doing. I started to have anxiety attacks prior to getting there.

But wait, no one was staring at me. No one laughed. This was okay. Sergio showed me how easy the machines tell you what to do. Annie showed me some warm up equipment. I got on some kind of stationary bike, and it wasn't so bad. Kindof ...enjoyable. Then the treadmill. Not bad, kindof cool. I like the view and the TVs. Nice music (although I am even more determined to figure out the ipod thingy I have and bring my own stuff). I took it easy. Low settings and no more than 20 minutes on each thing. We stayed briefly, Sergio wanted me to take it easy (he knows I will quit & hate it if I hurt). Annie stayed longer (Showoff! just kidding, she is younger & stronger!)

I think I can do this. Naw, I know I can! Hey, I am like the little Ant who thought he could move a rubber tree plant!


Mark Pressley said...

In looking for what became my Gaul Bladder the Dr found my high cholesterol. So he went into the diet speech and my response was simple F. U. Doc so he asked if I would exercise. That was many years ago, I have been a devoted fanatic ever since.

The benefit once you get past the pain, and yes you will have to get your heart rate up higher with more resistance is & I promise the best stress reducer you can buy. Early on is a pain literally get through it, the anxiety decrease benefit is huge.

Weight issue? What ever.

lakeviewer said...

Everyone will tell you that it is easier to control weight and everything else when you first discover the problem. Besides, exercise if the best pill you could have take.

Courtney said...

from personal experience I find controlling your diet and caloric intake to be a more effective way to manage weight, exercise is just the icing on the cake to scuplt yourself.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. You'll find the stress reduction and increased stamina most rewarding. I must now go get on my treadmill..Deb.

janis said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I am looking forward to fitting back into my clothes!

sroman said...

I will never love to exercise but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when it's over. You will notice benefits almost immediately but remember some of those body parts will never return to their former selves. Embrace being healthy and active. You look great.

janis said...

Those body parts better shift back in place or I will be very shitty!

Anonymous said...

Exercise is one of the best therapies for depression and anxiety. Make sure you get a good sweat going and burn some calories to get the benefit. Something about releasing endorphins helps the brain during exercise.

I know you will not feel like it as you go to the gym but believe me you will feel better after-- at least for a while.

Stick with it,