Monday, February 2, 2009


This little Nasty has been spotted too many times at our house. When we bought the house, we found alot of them. Really, alot. WE cleaned , debugged, cleaned, and debugged. We replaced the carpets, windows, and CLEANED like crazy for 3 months before moving into this house. Occasionally, we will find one of these "critters" in the house. They are really creepy! They are about an inch long. They are slow & mostly just sit around. BUT when they take off flying, they scare the crap out of you. They have this loud buzzing noise much like a bumble bee, and fly very clumsy usually right at you.

Two nights ago, Annie freaked out as one was in her room. Sergio & I slept through it as she swatted it hoping to have killed it but could not find it. She cried to her boyfriend on the phone, who was helplessly too far at his own home to rescue her. I feel terrible that we didn't hear her. She reported it to us the next morning. Later yesterday Mischa chased it into the kitchen. I caught it and threw it outside. (I am not a bug murderer). I promised her it had to be the same bug, and so she retreated to her room last night. While typing away on her computer, her bug returned, flying straight into her face.

We heard her this time.

She was hysterical. Sergio was mad. I caught the bug and flushed it down the toilet (yes, I killed this one).

Today, I looked the beast up and found it. (Gotta love Google!) It is called Leptoglossus Occidetails, commonly named Western Conifer Seed Bug. They are harmless, although ugly. They don't bite or sting. They feed off of Douglas Fir seeds and the seeds of various other species of pine. Can be very devastating to a crop, but not a single tree. Which we by the way have a huge one outside Annie's window. One more reason for Sergio to win chopping it down as he planned for spring (it is overgrown and he thinks ugly).I just want to scrub the house. They make me think the house is dirty!


Linda said...

Oooo, I hate bugs! I've seen this particular type before and yes, I remember them flying right at me, buzzing, and scaring me half to death. I just don't like bugs!!

Seems odd doesn't it, in the middle of winter that bugs are still active? Every so often, we'll find one of those ladybug-impersonators (biting beetles) in our house in the middle of winter.

That's one thing that I do not like about Spring and Summer - BUGs! And I know what you mean.. I'm the same way if I find one in the house - I feel like my house must be dirty, which it is NOT. :)

Linda said...
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Anonymous said...

FREAKING GROSS!!!!!! ewwwwww get them out before i come home! - emily

Natalie said...

EEEUWW!! Better off killing it than having your poor daughter having a stroke!xx

Lori ann said...

hahaha, now now girls, its just a little bug :)
xx lori

Anonymous said...

That's worse than my turkey buzzards, I'm sleeping with a swatter...Deb.

sroman said...

Squish it, flush it, whatever. I'm with you. Get rid of it.