Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Annyonomous

Having a Blog has become an addiction.

My name is Janis,
and I am a Blogger.

I thought about giving it up for lent. One year, my daughter gave up her MySpace for lent and although very proud of her, I did see her suffer. If I gave this up, I think I would go nuts.

It has become such a branch of me and a release of feelings. My followers/readers understand. I am up one day, down another. I write about funny stuff, then morose stuff. What ever is in my head. I try to stay positive, but sometimes the sad stuff holds me down & I just got to get it out.

I am addicted to reading and commenting too. I would rather read Blogs than a magazine or book (I know that is scary, I still love books, but a quick blog entry just takes a few minutes). I have found so many "friends" across the globe that are just like me! I am not crazy, just like so many others,although maybe we are all crazy. Regardless, seeing how others handle things and getting comments makes me feel validation. Makes me happy.

One more thing that I am getting addicted to with the blog~ gadgets. I keep adding stuff. The playlist, the photo album and my latest is the cool MapLoco at the bottom of my page. The map shows where people have come to visit my blog. But the really cool part is I can log in and actually see where people are from. I have had visits from Spain, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany (Hi Michelle!), and all over the United States! I am amazed! Am I really that interesting? I have gotten on some of these folks blogs when they leave me a comment of follow me then I can visit them too. I am tickled to feel a friendship with some of you.

Give up my Blog for a month? Nah... Maybe I will stick with candy (also hard for me!).


Fire Byrd said...

You can't consider yourself a real addict till you've been doing this daily for two years.... phew that's ok then got three months to go before I get treatment!!

It is a wonderful way to spend time, cause it with real people rather than a magazine article. To make connections around the globe is awesome I think.

I did go for a month without blogging last year when I closed my first blogself down after a relationship break up. It was really hard not to write and get loving comments on me during that time.

So you carry on, think of it as a way to understand your fellow humans and their cultures, so it's totally educatative!!! Works for me as an excuse anyway.

Hugs from one addict to another.

Fingers crossed I think Alex is has turned the corner, he's only been sick once today!

lakeviewer said...

Janis, giving something up for Lent is not going to cure of it. And who is complaining anyhow? My advice is look at this new habit as a therapy of sorts, better than pills or alcohol.

Jen said...

Thanks for popping by my blog Janis, and I am addicted too!! :/ You are sooo not alone in that one.

Oh well, like Lakeviewer said, its better then pills or alcohol!!

Natalie said...

We would miss you if you gave it up!

Don't you dare, we just convinced Rosaria to stay. :D


An English Shepherd said...

Yes its great to see wherethe visitors to you blog come from and it makes you think how small the world really is :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't you even think of a sabbatical--- this is great therapy for you as you have well pointed out.

Tell Emily I will get her a check for her project-- I have not forgotten.

Love reading this,


Linda said...

You make me laugh ~ I know the feeling!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You can not stop now! I just started; I will need lots of friends with lots of criticism to get me going, not to mention all these gadgets.

sroman said...

Please give up something else for Lent. Definitely not this.