Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aunt Jemima Came to Live With Us!

Look what I got!!! Now as you know, Lynn & I are passionate about antiquing. We each have our items that we search for. Lynn is big on ashtrays and political pins. Me, I love looking for Cookie jars and old black dolls, Aunt Jamima items, and Sammi items. Once I found a Humpty Dumpty Cookie Jar in mint condition, on sale for..$495. Slightly out of my price range! Someday though, I want to have a cookie jar collection in the bulk head of the kitchen cabinets. I want an old house and do my kitchen very retro.

When we had our Girls Weekend, Lynn & I dragged Sher & Deb to an Antique Mall. Low and behold, I found not one, but two Aunt Jamima Cookie jars, in perfect condition! But, even though they were priced very well ($35 & $40), that was my weekend girls money and choose to use it on the weekend rather than myself. Sneaky Lynn, asked which of the Aunt Jamima's I preferred. One was wearing a blue dress and the other white. I felt the white was more authentic and looked better.

Today, I was surprised by Aunt Jamima on my dining room table! Stinkerbell Lynn went back and bought her for me!

Isn't she lovely? I am blown away. I haven't had something like that done for me in a long time.


What a great friend. I am a happy girl today ( :


Ziongirl said...

What a great find......I remember when I was a little girl and I would go to my grandma's house she always pulled out a box of toys for me to play with...and in that box was a complete set of the Aunt Jemina looking people. They were all spice containers. I think some were men too. Anyway, I would play with them for hours and I wish I had them to this day for my very own...........

Ziongirl said...

I just looked them up on Ebay. They are called Aunt Jemina and Uncle Moses.

sroman said...

You will cherish Aunt Jemima and Lynn forever. What a neat gift.