Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sandy Vinge

Sandy Vinge is the 75 year old Grandmother that was savagely kidnapped, beaten, and robbed recently. If you missed the news, she opened her door to a Teenager that recently sold her a vacuum, when he came door to door. Apparently he returned to her home and asked to use her phone. After kindly letting him in, she turned her back as he was using the phone. He started punching her, kicking her and then robbed her. He, and two other teens, then beat her more, threw her in the back of her car bound in tape, and drove around with her in the back of the car. Her nightmare continued for 26 hours, until they were pulled over for a traffic violation, only then, was she rescued by the police officer.

The young man that did this to her, had the audacity to roll his eyes when the charges were read. What is wrong with these kids? Who does that? Seriously, what fun is there in beating an elderly woman? Particularly one that was kind to him?

This dear sweet Grandmother was on the Today Show this morning. She was so dear. She still doesn't understand why they did this to her. She said that now, even the doorbell, makes her jump. She is covered in bruises and told of how much it hurt being punched, kicked and bounced around in the car. She is recovering, but that innocence, that welcoming "come on in", has been stolen from her.

My prayers are with her and her family that are overjoyed that she is able to spend Christmas with them. You can beat they, as well as others will keep a careful eye out for our loved ones. We should all be thankful for the love and saftey of our elderly.


Linda said...

How very sad indeed! Unfortunately it's a world of sin that we live in and it's been this way since the beginning of time. I don't live in fear, but I'm careful. I've never opened the door of our home when I'm not expecting someone - sorry, but that's just how it is. One time it was my Mom (who happens to live next door) and because I wasn't expecting someone and Sarah and I were alone in the evening, I didn't open the door.

Sharon said...

This dear sweet woman treated so savagely, it makes me sick. What touched me was her ability to say that most people are not like this, they are few and far between, reminding me of Anne Frank, stating people are basically good at heart. After all that she has been through, this frightening ordeal she could still have such genuine caring and belief in others. Sadly, she has now lost that genuine, small town trust, where you open your door to a person in need, all because of the evil that attacked her. I send her my blessings and heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery and the love of her family and friends, which is evident by her caring son. You have many people thinking of you Sandy Vinge!

kim said...

I was touched by her sweet spirit and the love in her voice. She obviously knows the Lord. It was evident in her everyway!

jonathan said...

This story really is heartbreaking, I'm not of the religious side that you guys may be but I live my life based on karma! I wish I were givin the opporatunity to have five minuts alone with these punks! These are honestly the greatest generation of folks left on the earth and its a damn shame that with the recent passing of her husband she has something like her peace of mind taken from her! She will still love life but the thought of how easily she could have been snuffed out will never leave! The whole thing makes me sick! With any luck these asses will be locked up and put in general population where the real justice will be served! Even convicts have some morals and once word spreads I don't think these smart asses will carry that same attitude! I know I'm rambling and I know I'm slightly profane, but I'm 26 and I have no parents or grand parents! I miss my grandmother dearly and I know the hardships had by her generation! I feel that the judicial system is flawed but prison justice is alive and well! And in a weird way I hope we all can get a little peace that these sub-humans will be dealt with in a most inhumane fashion! Just like the way they treated this beautiful woman! I may not pray but she is definately in my thoughts and I'm rooting for her to be redeemed! Too bad the son didn't get his hands on one of these pieces of refuse! I'm sorry for rambling people, but this put such a streak of hatred for these people! Anyway I hope you all have a good holiday season!

sroman said...

Her innocence was shattered but her heart remains whole. That was evident in the interview. I admired her son's honesty about why he didn't go to the arraignment: He didn't want to risk jumping the rail and attacking the guy. I would have the same impulse.

Anonymous said...

I saw this episode on Today Show also and it hurt me to even look at all the bruises on her face. How she survived I will never know.

In case you did not know but sure you do-- Ronnie's house was robbed in broad dalylight Tuesday. Thank god nobody was home!! They ransacked his house and took all his tv's, computer, money, Nick's computer games, etc.

Keep him in your prayers-- he really feels violated.

This post hit close to home even though the outcome was not near as bad as to what happened to that poor grandma.

This economy has crime on the rise so be careful everyon.


RonChiChio said...
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Anonymous said...

What an incredible woman. I just watched a her interview with Matt Lauer, one year later. I am so impressed with her charm, poise and attitude. She is clearly a beautiful person inside and out.