Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Selfish Santa Wish List

Okay, this is not about all the things I, as well as everyone wants.
Peace on Earth, A Healthy Year, My Children's Happiness, Our Troops Home Safely, Financial Security, etc.

Yes I want all that. Don't we all?

This is about what I would want in a world where money wasn't a big deal. The reasonable stuff that people that manage their money better and make more of it, kind of wish list.

Yep, I like to think of this as my Selfish Santa Wish List. Kindof like the song, "My Christmas List" by Simple Plan. Here goes.

1. Volkswagen Beetle in Black, well, okay, married to the Union Man, better change that: Cadillac SRX Crossover in Black
2. Feistaware in the colors I am missing. I have 12 colors, I want more.
3. A wardrobe update in clothes that fit. Preferable from Anthopologie, Ann Taylor, J Crew, J Jill, and Fossil
4. Some Lancome Body DeLisse.
5. Small pearl earrings (fake is fine)
6. Brighton Reading Glasses
7. A frame for my Nancy Noel "Pack Up" print
8. A frame for my Nancy Noel, "September Sun" to replace the one I broke.
9. Some lamps
10. Window coverings
11. Remodeled kitchen
12. Sun Room addition

Heck, if I could just get one of these things, I would be a happy camper. For now, they will stay on my Selfish Santa Wish List.

I truly am happy with our decision to cut back and scale way back. Sergio & I agreed to just fill stockings this year and concentrate on some items for the girls. Truth be known, I just want to get through the holidays, and start a better year with 2009.

There is always next year.


Linda said...

This is a fun post, Janis. :) I have to admit that the Beetle sounds tempting... Still, when it comes right down to it, I just can't think of anything extravagent that I want. I admire that you cut back (we didn't). I always enjoy your blog.

sroman said...

This is a great list. We all have selfish wishes. I would bet that all of these things will come your way sooner than you think. Ok, maybe not the car!