Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Mom's Birthday

Today my Mom turns 68 years old.

She is stopping by here in a little while for Coffee and Angel Food Cake. She has been visiting with a group of women friends for breakfast, and I am sure she is having a ball. She left Dad at home, therefore, she can truly have a Morning all about her.

She deserves it.

She works very hard and overdoes much. She always has. She is a doer. She thrives on helping others and making people happy. As a child, I thought she was a saint. I could not imagine being her. She had the roughest of childhoods, married young and had her children soon after. At 22 she & my father had a near fatal accident, leaving my father handicap and depressed. She has since done it all. My father depends on her more than he needs.

My mom is a rescuer. Be it stray pets, birds & squirrels, or any person needing help. She takes on more than she should but it makes her happy and feeling content when she is doing for others.

I love her very much.

I wish we were closer.

Unfortunately, she can cause pain, chaos and sorrow. She does not do this on purpose, which I do understand. But as any person whom loves someone that is manic knows, they will lash out at those they love the most. I never know what I will get.

I have to keep somewhat of a distance. I call her daily. Check on them, see what is going on, how they are. Dad is a Debbie Downer most the time. Mom just rambles about everything and everybody. Sometimes it is a wonderful conversation, sometimes I know when to cut it short. They mean well, but they can do some serious damage with words and actions sometimes.

I love her very much, and again, I wish we were closer. I will take what I can get. I will learn from this and become stronger and better.

As for my Mom, Barbara (aka Barb, Barbie & Babsie) Ruth Wright Meyer, I hope her day is lovely. I hope she will be in high spirits, and have a wonderful birthday.


sroman said...

Happy birthday to Barb. I hope she had a wonderful day and the coming year is filled with blessings for her.

Ngayulu said...

I have insomnia again, so I'm just reading over some older posts on some recently discovered blogs.

I saw this one about your mother, and I totally related. I love my mother, and I can see so much good in her. But I have to maintain distance in order to preserve the parts of me that she tends to erode when we spend too much time together. I often think the best thing that happened (happens? I move a lot..) to our relationship was me going away.

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know I'm not alone.