Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mickey Mouse Tattoo?

I am very clumsy. I trip on my own two feet. I bonk my head all the time & twist my ankle so many times it's a wonder I haven't broken it a time or two.

On Saturday, I was climbing in my closet trying to get Santa hats for the girls (annual Christmas picture time). I didn't have a strong grip and came down crooked and too fast. I think I twisted my ankle, but the worse part was slamming into the door frame on my back end.

Annie heard the crash & came to pick me up off the floor. Owe Owe Owe! I faked being okay as I had plans to meet up with a couple of friends and didn't want Sergio to worry about my twisted ankle.

I survived. The pain past in a couple of days. Last night while showering I noticed the bruise... it looked like a Mickey Mouse Tattoo! Outline of the famous ears & head. Right there on my rear end! Not cute. I keep trying to look at it though. It reminds me of the cow we saw at Disney with the outline on her side (saved her from the slaughter house, Disney bought her!)

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