Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is half over. I will begin dinner soon, but wanted to take a minute to chat. Presents were opened. We have been having a lovely lazy day enjoying each others company just hanging out. The Christmas movies have been playing all day and we have been snacking like crazy.

Last night we had a nice Christmas dinner at Sergio's sisters house with the Gonzalez side. Food was grand, and company good. Later we opened our stockings and the girls each opened one gift.

This morning Sergio & I laughed at memories of the girls waking at the wee hours, and over the years how they started to sleep in longer and longer. This morning they woke at 11:00! Times have changed. I no longer use the video camera, and I take fewer pictures. This year I tried using Emily's but did not get a decent picture. I am hoping to get Annie's boyfriend to take one of the four of us, maybe with ALL the pets?

The only real negative was that one of Annie's presents was slightly dribbled with... umm, well, looks like Bandit mistook the Christmas tree for an outside tree again. But, it was just some droplets on the wrapping the gift was fine. I am sure she will laugh about it one day (just not today).

I have thought much of something my Bestie recently reminded me of. The fact that I have sooo much to be Thankful for. And I do. I have been thinking about this for days. I have listed them in my head, and do not think I need to list them for the world. I know what all I have. I am truly Blessed.

So, on this beautiful Christmas day, I am reminded of the beauty of the meaning of the Lord's birth. I am reminded of what He has done for us. I am reminded of my many Blessings. For that I am glad.

To all, I wish a very Merry Christmas.

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kim said...

Merry Christmas! I still find it hard to believe that our house still has a five year old that is soooooo into Santa and not being able to get to sleep, sneaking to see if he had yet arrived at 1:30am and coming in with a flashlight to let us know that indeed Santa had come!! By the time he had gone back to sleep it was 3am !! I do love it and feel blessed to have this opportunity! I know how it is on the other side as well!! Jesse came out while we were being "Santa" I still don't like that! Anyway! Things change and I like to be in control...Ha!
Merry Christmas...with love, Kim