Friday, December 5, 2008


This is my Great Grandmother Amelia "Emily" Wright.

I have heard about her throughout my childhood, but unfortunately, she passed away before I could meet this wonderful lady. She was my Grandfather "Texas" mother. In the many summers I spent with him and Grandma Kitty, I learned much about her and loved her as though I knew her. They often told me how similar we were. I knew that we would have gotten along very well.

I named my oldest daughter after her. I would like to believe we are keeping her spirit alive. She insisted that everyone call her Emily instead of Amelia, therefore, I named my daughter Emily instead of Ameila.

I love this photo of her. She looks so at peace with the world. I sense her love through the photograph. I have few pictures of her but cherish them all.

Just looking at her or thinking about her will bring a smile across my face. I am inspired by her life.

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