Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am NOT Janet

I mentioned in a previous post a woman I work with that drives me insane. She butchers the English language and she belches all the time.

There is another very annoying habit she has (Well, there are several, but I don't have time to list them all).

She calls me Janet, everyday. Now, I can see the resemblance. Janis is close. Jan could be short for Janet. I like the name. I even have a cousin named Janet. BUT it is not my name! I politely corrected her previously. I asked her to call me Jan or Janis, just not Janet. She said, "sorry, yea, I will call you by your name". I have ignored it for the most part. She is one of those hillbillies that you don't want to cross. She has tried to burn me before at work.

That brings me to the realization, she is doing it on purpose. Yesterday, When I said Good Morning, she said, "Hey there Janet!". I said, "S, you know, my name is not Janet". She said, "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting." I said, "I am not trying to make a big deal about it, I just would really rather you call me Jan or Janis". She said, "Yeah, I should get it right. I would hate it too if someone called me something else too. Sorry". Then, ten minutes later, she said, "Hey Janet, you got the post office DR's yet?"

The gloves are off. I am calling her Rocky today.


kim said...

Sorry Jan about the name thing!!
We went to our church for at least eight years until people finally started calling me hard is it to speak and remember a three letter name? Right Jan...?
They called me Pam, Karen,mostly I got the Pam thing!!! I'm just happy they seem to have adapted...I've been an active member since 1995!! LOL!!

janis said...

S isnt thrilled with being called Rocky...but I think she is catching on. I was only called Janet twice today (:

sroman said...

She tried to burn you?

Anonymous said...

Try getting people to stop calling you Richie!

I hope she reads this post-- I would love to be in front of her to see her reaction.

Happy Holidays Janet -- oops-- I mean Jan.