Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guardian Angels

Do you believe in Angels?
Do you believe in Guardian Angels?
I do.
There have been too many times in my past were I have actually met someone and later realize that that person was an angel. People that are sent to me for a specific reason of protecting me or helping me to make a wiser choice.

Many of my loved ones know that I had a real guardian Angel that turned my world around 12 years ago teaching me how to eat and changed my habits. "Carol" was introduced to me by my Doctor (he swears he does not remember giving me her name nor knows of her. This was just six months after I had started going to her.) I would meet with her at a medical office. I never had to sign in, just waited for her to come and get me. Then we would go down to her office and she took care of me. I thought she was a Dietitian. But, after our sessions, and me seeing her for six months, we parted ways. I was concerned about my insurance never paying her. I tried to call her, but the number that I had used for six months, no longer was the right number. I went to the Medical office, and they too acted as though she never worked there or that they had even heard of her. They didn't remember me and I went there every week, then down to every other, till we were finished and I had meet my weight goals. I was dumbfounded. Then I realized she was an Angel.

Last night, Annie went to her boyfriends after work. He lives kindof out there. Deer country. Country roads. I had an uneasy feeling all evening. I texted her, and she didn't text me back. Sometimes the reception is bad there and the wind was really blowing. She finally texted us at midnight to tell us she was on her way home. I was completely restless and anxious. I had been praying all evening for her. I sat up waiting for her in the living room. I continued to pray. I started to relax although she was taking much longer than usual. She finally pulled in the driveway. I thanked God. She told me this "stupid slow old Man, was driving in front of her all the way home. He wasn't going more than 40 mph and she couldn't pass him. He was going the same route she goes, all the way home!" I told her I had such an uneasy feeling and that I that I thought maybe that guy was put there in front of her for a reason. She sat down and totally agreed. She said that made sense to her because he came from no where then turned every turn she had to make.
He watched over my Baby and kept her from driving too fast.

Yeah, I believe.

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sroman said...

Yes, I believe in them too. Loved these stories!