Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting the Christmas Spirit

Annie and I ran out to the mall today. Golly Ghee there are alot of rushing people on the streets! I caved in and bought a sweater & slacks for this evenings Christmas dinner. Very nice, and I will get much use out of them. I went to Ann Taylor Loft, a favorite of mine. Apparently, money is tight with everyone as the sales were wonderful! My slacks were regularly $75.00 but I got them for $37.50 the sweater was $69.00, and I got it for $29.99. Annie found a hip little cropped jacket with sequins for $26.00 (reg- $69.00) and a top for $11.00 (reg-$45.00).
So... Go shop and you will find bargains!

We saw carollers, and Santa had a line of children anxious to give their list to him. So many people are at the mall, it is crazy.

We stopped at Menards and got a cute little tree. Getting a tree always gets my spirits high. I am anxious to start decorating. Emily wont be home til the 20th and Annie is working so much and has school activities lately. I want to do it with them, but may have to settle on decorating it without them this year.

Right now I am enjoying the smell of the tree, and the Christmas music. I love all the silly holiday specials, especially the old ones.

Well, I better get going. Hopefully, I will have pretty pictures to post Sunday!

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