Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My Bestie sent me one of those FORWARDS that if you send to 8 people something you have been waiting for will come to you in eight minutes.

It didn't happen.

I am sorry to my eight I sent the angel to. You can try, but, you may want to just delete. They never work for me. Sometimes I get that feeling that if I don't, will that mean something bad will happen? I really try not to be superstitious. I have one friend that sends alot of them to me. I love her but delete them when I suspect it is a forward that I have to do something.

I am surprised Sher sent to me, not at all like her so I thought, okay, this is my lucky day. I need a lucky day.


Linda said...

You're kind enough to open them! :) I normally delete all of the forwards without reading them. I just don't like such things - I much prefer a personal note from a friend and through email is just fine, as long as it's personally written. The forwards are so general.

Hope you're having a lovely week before Christmas, friend.

sroman said...

Sorry for sending it. I figured we could all use the blessing, even if the lucky stuff didn't come true.