Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day Two

Well, it is day two of "not working".

I got called this morning, much like yesterday, telling me that they need me to stay home today as they are "shaving" hours. Mind you, I wasn't even getting 20 hours a week prior, so my paycheck is going to be pathetic if anything. Will I get to work tomorrow? How about Thursday or Friday? Am I laid off or not? I feel like this is the company's way of getting around officially laying off, so employees can not apply for unemployment. I am in limbo. Like much of the country. How can I look for a job when I don't know the status of the one I have? I am to contact my supervisor later this afternoon to discuss any further opportunity for hours. I can't help but worry what exactly that means. I have only worked under this supervisor for a week, therefore, do not know what to expect from him.

Yesterday, I was mad. Today I am scared. I need this job.

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