Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Almost every year we have send Christmas pictures out with Christmas cards. It is my little tradition that I have always loved and proud of. Getting photos of our friends children has always been cherished as we do not seem to have enough time to spend with loved ones. Getting the yearly photos always make us feel we are watching them grow up.

I have missed only a few years here and there.

Looks like I am going to miss this year too.

The girls didn't get a picture together for me when Annie went to Muncie last and we do not have a current one of them together. I am still trying to pull something together, but it looks doubtful. Emily will not be home for the holidays till December 20th.

We put an Elf yourselves together and that is what they think we should do. However, many of the elderly friends and family still do not have email capacity.

Whoas me.

I am sad not having my little holiday picture of them.


sroman said...

Gosh, I love looking at these old photos. Where did the years go?

emily said...

i told you i do it and you said no!