Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trendy Specs

While at the JEA Conference, I noticed the many young men & women that wear glasses. I watched hundreds of high schoolers walk by me with their skinny colorful specs. It is very much a part of their fashion statement.

Now, flash back a few decades to my generation. When I was their age, this was NOT a fashion statement but rather a drag. I hated being called "4 Eyes". We tried to make the best of it though. Our favorite frames were probably Aviator frames (which are popular again with this younger generation, but as Sun glasses). I had some and also some ugly wire-rimmed "granny glasses". We also thought it was cool or at least cooler, to wear tinted glasses. My generation begged our parents for contacts (which, by the way, were not like the comfortable ones of today!).

Later in the 80's & 90's, someone came up with ugly over sized plastic glasses. I had a couple of these in several colors. (Yes, the hideous red ones in the picture once overwhelmed my face). How unattractive. We have Sally Jesse Raphael to thank for populating that trend.

Today, I wear contacts for the most part, but also have a cute skinny pair of glasses that I don on occasion. Ditto with both of my daughters, although they wear the glasses more often than I.

I am curious to see what is next in the spectacles fashion world.


Kim said...

I still wear the Sally Jesse glasses in my bedroom when watching TV..LOL!! What a turn on!!
I now wear small little Coach glasses when driving or anytime I desire to see!!I tried contacts but have such allergies that by the time I got them in I looked stoned...also, not a good look!!

janis said...

I think I remember seeing you "look stone" before Kim, and it WAS a cute look for you, especially the big smile on your face when sqinting! many many moons ago..

Anonymous said...

Is that a safety pin holding the arm on the red glasses? HaHa.

sroman said...

At about 42, my perfect vision went bye bye. I have glasses everywhere ... car, purses, briefcases, nightstand, desk, etc. I usually also have a pair clipped to my person.

Linda said...

This is a fun post. :) I was fortunate to be the only one out of my parents and my sisters, who never needed glasses when I was younger. Not until I turned 40 and I suddenly needed reading glasses - no doubt helped along by my frequent use on the computer! I honestly hate my reading glasses, even though I can't see the small print anymore without them. I can't see clearly at a distance with them obviously, so it's on and off, as needed and I find them a pain. But I'm learning to live with them - my daughter got me an additional pair of readers for my birthday and they're trendy and cute.