Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now the Night is Over...

Well, the dinner pulled through. It was actually worth the wait. I had planned to take pictures like my Blog buddy that must be an amazing cook because I am always hungry after reading here blog and drooling on the photos of her fabulous entrees. But with the time and the starving family... It will just be a memory now.

My folks that had dinner first with Dad's Sister & Brother-in-law. Then again with his Brother and Sister-in-law. Now they have arrived at my house just as the dang turkey is finally done. So they have decided to eat again. Okay, we have plenty (Emily is frowning as she wanted much take home for her apartment). My Dad wants stuff not out, so I have to fetch other stuff for him. The coffee pot overflowed, why does this happen at the most inconvenient times?

But, all in all, the meal was wonderful. I enjoyed my family. It was 7:30 by time the meal was ready so we gobbled it down, cleaned up and now it's done.

I am so pooped now. I just want to lay down and be loved.

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Linda said...

Hi Janis,
I'm glad your Thanksgiving day worked out well. It is indeed tiring. Ours was more relaxed - my parents live next door. We had our traditional early meal at 1:00 and then played some games and watched holiday movies for the remainder of the afternoon/evening. A blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season to you and yours. Linda