Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother Daughter Chicago Trip

I finally got pictures back of our Chicago trip!
This was the best time.
I am so glad Annie and I went. It was a day full of shopping, sight seeing and of course the college visits.

We had wonderful CONVERSATIONS! Annie is so interesting, so full of life, she is just such an amazing young woman.


I got a smile sitting in the Water Towers waiting for the stores to open. We sat with several "little girls" waiting impatiently for the American Girl Store to open. Many had dolls with them. It made me think of the 7 AG dolls we have in storage now along with the many clothes and accessories. I looked at these little girls and then at my beautiful "little girl" that has grown up. Annie had that same look of excitement, glancing at the time as the minutes dragged. The differences was only she was waiting for her own magical store across from American Girl. Annie's magic was Betsy Johnson's Store. One day, these little girls would understand.
Annie was a good shopper. We did more looking than buying. But what she got was great. And so fun.

Annie decided she officially became a tourist with her camera hanging around her neck. She was in awe of the Chicago beauty. She took a dozen shots of interesting stuff, she is into angles right now, so we have some interesting shots of buildings, streets, and objects.

Much to our surprise, Loyola University, was a huge success. It was a last minute thought to visit. Annie had not even considered this school, so the visit was very informative and interesting. Annie asked great questions and we started to realize that this was a great fit for her. Our tour guide was a doll. He walked with us afterwards and showed Annie to the school store and answered more questions. We definitely will be back to see the rest of the campus (she only visited the downtown campus, we didn't have time to see the main campus). We also visited Columbia College and was so impressed with the administrator that saw us. He was very informative, and gave an hour of his time to us. Annie was amazed at what all they have to offer. This school also intrigued her. She had decided earlier that Chicago was "too far". Not now. She realized it's not that far. And as she said, "I could so do this!". She could. She will fly and we will support her completely. Thank God for Internet and cell phones. Also, I love Chicago so I just may come visit her more often (:, jk Annie!

Okay, we ate well. Had to get a Chicago hot dog. Had to get great coffee. And we ate dinner at Holohanns. Talk about great mushrooms! I will post the pictures of dinner later. Annie took some yummy pictures.

The best part of this Chicago Day Trip was just spending time with Annie. We laughed so much. I enjoyed her company like never before. We didn't have any interruptions, we talked about stuff, and I just really had fun with her.

My only regret was we ran out of time. I need to have more of these one on one times with my girls. It was wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic trip for you both. Chicago is one of my favorite towns. I hope Anna and I are just as close when she is that age. Treasure your relationship. Love Deb.