Sunday, November 30, 2008


Are you familiar with this store?
It is my Annie's favorite store. I too am very fond of it. Annie bought her bedspread there as well as many clothing items. I have shopped there for both her and Emily at Christmas and Birthdays, but have yet to buy myself anything substantial (I did buy a cool Monogram Hook that holds my necklaces).

Annie is very stylish with decorating as well as clothing. She has a vision and can pull things together very well. Her room will eventually have an Anthropologie flare. She also would rather have a couple of nice pieces of clothing from there than many things that are more commonly found. She picked a vintage looking dress for a dance. No one else had it and she looked lovely.

This store is really cool. You can get wonderful gifts from books (I have purchased style guides and fashion icon books) as well as door knobs, kitchen ware, bed & bath items and of course the finest clothing items.

Unfortunately, the store is not cheap. Expect to pay top dollar. But, sometimes it is worth paying a little extra to get something a little more extraordinary.

To check out Anthropologie, if you do not have a store near you, go to

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Linda said...

It's my favorite store as well!! Love it. Unfortunately I can't really afford the normal priced clothing there, but I do like to shop the clearances and at the Woodfield Mall location, they have a wonderful little clearance room near the back of the store and Sarah and I both have found some lovely, unique items. That's what I like best about it as well - they have clothing pieces that are unique and stylish and one doesn't look like everyone else then. :-) I also love their decorating and kitchen items.