Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I am Terrified of Short Hair

Need I say more?

I am about 6 or 7 years old.

My Mom said I would love a "Pixie".
She lied.
She said it would be so cute. That I would look like Twiggy.
She lied.

Notice the little boy looking around fearful someone would see him sitting with me? I looked like a boy. And many people thought I was for a while.

I have been scarred for life.

Many woman can pull off super short hair. I think that women with short hair have a certain confidence about them. I on the other hand, have been hiding behind my hair ever since that dreadful, "Are you a boy?" phase.

As my friend says, "I have to have it long enough to pull back in a pony tail". I will never have one of those chic styles.


Anonymous said...

My mom was a liar too-I also have the same fear

Kim said...

What kind of scissors did the person use ? Pinking shears ?
No wonder you are afraid ! I also had long hair down past my behind until my cousin a hairdresser (right?) gave me a hair cut in 6th grade and it was soooo bad that words cannot describe. I do have nice short hair now...also I had a very bad experiance when Jesse IV was 9months old. Shaved up the back of my head....I had to resort to shock and denial! I have never had the persistence to let it grow any more. God did use the last bad experiance for good since that is how I met my BFF Debra!! God is so Awesome! Love ya Kim

sroman said...

About 16 years ago, I cut my hair pretty short -- like Princess Di short. My husband hated it. I hated having to "do" it every day. Sometimes you need a ponytail, regardless of age.

Mixxelle said...

At least you're still smiling!

Anonymous said...

That little boy looks just like Stacey Schene's son Mitchell.

Hope you are well. I went the David Byrne/Talking Heads concert last night at Cloews Hall--- one of the best shows I have ever seen.

What did you do in Chicago?

Take care


Linda said...

I love short hair now - in fact, I usually don't have hair below my shoulders as my hair honestly doesn't grow longer. But I had to laugh, because I too had the Pixie cut and looked like a little boy. My sister and I were once in a McDonalds with our short hair and a man called us "boys". Funny how those memories remain...