Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Toilet

Recently while visiting with my Golden Friends, someone brought up a funny memory I want to share with you.

Once upon a time, around 30 years ago, my friends Lynn, Deb & I were riding around in my big old Ford Fairlane. Somehow, Lynn saw & convinced us to stop and pick up a toilet sitting on a curb (Trash day). We were looking for something to make our friend Sheri smile. I think Sheri was in trouble or something. Otherwise she would have been with us.

So, we hauled this thing over to her house, sat it on her porch, rang the bell & RAN LIKE HELL!

We thought it was a riot. We laughed sooo hard! I seem to recall Sheri's parents not finding the humor. We had to come back and pick it up the next morning.

It would go from porch to porch whenever we felt one of us needed that laugh. It lived in my humongous trunk when not "in transit".

When we replaced the toilet at my new house, I was so tempted to take the old one over to Sheri's porch. I know she would have laughed, but Dan would not have gotten it.


Anonymous said...

The true humor can't really be conveyed in a blog-I guess I am saying you had to be there and if you were you know how dog gone funny it was-I remember laughing so hard I was crying

Anonymous said...

I totally remember that. We set it on Sheri's porch with the lid up. We wrote "here's lookin' at you kid" on the inside. Yes, for some reason we thought it was hillarious. Sandy did not. I miss those shananigans (sp?)...Deb

janis said...

I forgot about the note! We were so funny! I wonder if our kids ever did or will do these things...

sroman said...

Well, if anyone ever leaves a toilet on my yard or porch, I know the gang to blame. Isn't it funny what we remember? I felt loved. And yes, I'm sure I was in trouble for something.