Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sheri Dance

My dear friend, Sheri, has this little dance she does when she is happy. She isn't even aware of it, she just does it. Songs will come on, usually on her ipod, and she just kindof does this little sway, moving the hips, and snapping her fingers as she sings.

She is a music freak and knows the words to every song (okay, maybe not all, just the ones that are important to us). Music makes her happy and it is always playing around her. At home, in the car, she will even start singing if no song is present. That is just Sheri.

Sometimes I find myself doing the Sheri Dance.

Usually, I am by myself and a good song will pop on and there I am, swaying and snapping! I seem to pick up habits that I like.

I love seeing Sheri do this. It lets me know there is a song in her heart and it makes her happy.

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sroman said...

Sending a Sheri dance your way!