Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secrets To A Sucessful Marriage

I have gotten alot of advice on how to have a good marriage. From people who have never been married to people that have had more than 50 years of matrimony. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has advice. I believe there are no secrets just common sense and understanding.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Never Settle. Do not get married to someone that you can not see yourself with forever. Marrying someone because you don't want to be lonely, do not think someone better will come along, or out of convenience is a very bad ideal. Don't Do It!

2. Give 110%. It is not 50/50. That is only putting half of what you have into something. You have to give 100%, preferable more.

3. Be Nice. You must treat your spouse as you would want to be treated. Being mean never solves anything, it breaks things.

4. Be Respectful. The person you chose to marry should have your utmost respect.

5. Be Playful. Don't get into a routine and get boring. Do silly things, romantic things. And don't forget to smile!

6. Compromise. Learn to "enjoy" what your spouse enjoys. Or at least, support it.

7. Compliment each other. Hearing it from your spouse is way better than the stranger.

8. Be Faithful. Trust is everything in a marriage. Once broken, it's very difficult to get it back.

9. Never go to bed mad at each other. Settle things, talk about it, after cooling off. If you shut down, it won't go away.

10. Pray for your marriage. Without God, you don't have a "prayer"!

11. Have sex, ALOT! You gotta use it so you don't lose it. Making love with the one you love will keep you connected. Again, save this only for each other.

12. Say, "I Love You", and mean it. Say it everyday, as often as possible.

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sroman said...

Good advice. I should've had it years ago. You're my idol.