Monday, October 6, 2008


...and it feels so good!

These are some Golden Oldies that I love forever!

I am not sure how we lost touch. We were able to pick up like we never had a separation. There were no awkward moments of silence. Just a lot of gab, laughs and no tears.

Last week when I went to that Howe Block party I was able to run into Lynn & Rich. Sheri had another obligation so was unable to go. Lynn called me this week about lunch over the weekend. We got Sheri & Rich to join us Sunday afternoon, and it was just like old times.

Lynn. Few people can make me laugh like Lynn. She tells wonderful stories and very much "this is how it is" kindof person. Lynn was the fourth wheel of Sheri, Deb, & Jan. She went a separate road, started a family at a young age and basically just grew in a different direction than Sheri, Deb & I. I am so regretful that I missed 25 years of her life.

Rich. I have already blogged about my dear Rich (see "Everyone needs a Richie"). I will love this guy forever. He is intelligent, hilarious and full of love. Funny how he retained his good looks way better than us girls. He is the one that has changed the least in our before & after pictures. Handsome devil! I am so glad he joined us and vow to never lose touch with him again.

Sheri. What can I say? She is in at least half my blogs. At least the upbeat ones. I truly do not know what I would do without her. She is my rock. She helps me keep it together. I know that she is always there to catch me and will never let me down. I am forever grateful we have maintained this forever friendship.

I called Deb on Friday & tried to convince her to jump a plane and join us for this lunch. I wish she could have as she would have completed this circle.

The five of us were into much mischief back in the day. I have the best memories because of these five wonderful friends. The fun, the silliness and the happy times we shared. They kept me sane, kept me laughing and saved my life. I don't know if they will ever truly know how much they did for me.

I love you guys.


sroman said...

What an incredible tribute! Of course, we love you too. My favorite part is that we have all aged and had various life experiences but at that table, I felt like a teenager again. Our personalities are all the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, you all look fantastic. Next time I will hop on a plane. Brings back memories, some great, some scary. Would not trade them for anything! Miss you all...Deb

Anonymous said...

You make me blush! I think we all pretty much look the same.

Thanks for a great lunch! It was fun seeing and catching up with everyone--- Lynn's personality has not slipped a bit.

It was fun to have you and Sheri's friday night party story as the opening icebreaker.

Thanks for the old photomat pics and don't forget to bring all our pics for the shindig on Saturday.

See you then--- this time we can include alcohol!!!


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot-- thanks Deb and would love to see you next time you are in town.


Anonymous said...

And the fun isjust begining again!