Friday, October 3, 2008

Ready? Okay!

What is more hilarious than more than a dozen women between 25 - 60 years old learning Cheers in a backyard at night?

Apparently not much! Sheri & I are STILL laughing!

I talked Sheri into joining me at a party hosted by my Sister-In-Law titled "Girl Party". She hesitantly agreed. I promised good food, good wine, net-working, and if nothing else, time for us to get together and laugh.

And laugh we did!

My sister-in-law had us go outside and learn a cheer! There we were 18 women various ages and backgrounds, trying to learn a cheer from a former college cheerleader. Sheri, my other sister-in-law and I stayed in the back, bumping into each other (which brought back memories of trying to do Aerobics w/ that other sister-in-law), and laughing our butts off. Now I remember why I never cheered in school, I am STILL not coordinated!

I do not know or understand what that cheer leading thing in her back yard was about or why. I do know that it was funny. Sheri & I will laugh for years about this one.


sroman said...

You forgot almost getting us killed on 38th Street. I woke up in the middle of the night, still laughing.

janis said...

I DID forget! I am sorry! Those young whipper snappers need some manners! I forgot that I should have thought about where we were wasn't exactly the right place to shake my figure at them!

Anonymous said...

I assume this was at D.H. house on Alabama street. Now I can understand the crazyness.

Glad you had fun.---Rich

Anonymous said...


Just spent the last hour going back an reading through your comments. Enjoyed every bit of it and brought back many meories.

Good to see pics of you, Sheri and especially Debbie-- I have not seen any photos of her for ages so good to see what she looks like now. I was in kindergarden with her-- can't believe I have known her for so long but have not seen or spoke the her since almost high school.

You do a good job with these posts and sounds like you get some therapy out of it as well. Keep them coming--- I enjoy reading them.

I will crash you goldies lunch Sunday-- so see you then.