Friday, October 31, 2008

Pow! Ow!

As much as I love our pets I either need to become quicker or smarter when playing with them. I know better, but I always get hurt!

Riley is a BIG dog! With big paws and big teeth.

Bandit is a medium sized dog but still a healthy 50-60 pounds of dog madness.

Speaking of madness.. Dakota is tiny but crazy. Very fast, loud and sharp little razor teeth.

Then there are the cats.

Mischa is a little she-devil that will turn on you and scratch your eyes out for no reason.

Rocky, well, Rocky is just a sweet old cat and doesn't play any more so he is excused.

I currently have cat scratch fever (if you have ever been scratched by a cat you know what that itchy burn feels like) Mischa gave me when she changed her mind about letting me pet her tummy last night. She got my hand in that pull & kick position that reminds me that she is in charge not me. I may have a fat lip and bruise cheek from playing with Bandit a little while ago. He is faster than me, and I had it coming. We were totally playing and he was concerned when he"got me". I also have some little tiny bruises on my calves from Dakota the piranha gave me when he chases me and quickly jumps at me from behind when I am walking down the stairs.

Riley is outside. She is barking though. I think she thinks it's her turn.

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