Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Gosh, here it is already. Tonight will be our first Halloween at the new house. I am use to at least 100 "Trick or Treaters" and my neighbor tells me I will be lucky to get 7. I love sitting on the porch as the little ones come. We use to let Bruno sit on the porch with us in his pussycat costume. He was our 120 pound gentle giant. The kids loved him. Prior to that I loved taking the girls trick or treating. I would get a coffee travel mug and walk with them and their friends.

Tonight, Annie is in Muncie with Emily. They will be celebrating the holiday together at parties. I am sure they will have fun. I can't wait to see pictures.

As for me & Sergio, we will just sit here with our bowl of candy, watching Law & Order or CSI, passing out candy to our half dozen or so Trick or Treaters.

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Linda said...

Every year one of the houses in a nearby town has these ghosts dancing around their tree and I've always admired it - too cute. Was this in your yard? It's delightful. My family and I have many happy Halloween memories. I always hand out candy, but the numbers have gone down in recent years in our small town. Some of our local churches have other activities on that night and that's fine, but my daughter always preferred trick-or-treating.