Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just scarfed down leftover Pasta Salad. I added olives, cheese, and of course, salt. I sat here cramming it down while typing away.

I looked down at my bowl as I was taking the last bite.

Was that a little mold I see? Nice. Just what I need.

I have food issues. Hopefully I am not going to get sick.

May be awhile before I go for Pasta Salad again!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha gross i agree.

Anonymous said...

Do you have chicken legs?

Wear long pants and they won't show!!!

Your post reminded me of this old prank call routine.

As slim as you are I have a hard time picturing you with cottage cheese anything.

See you soon,


Anonymous said...


I stumbled on your blog one night while looking for the Howe sight while on the road. I imediatly showed my wife, you have a lot in common. I hope you do not mind me looking in from time to time?

As to Hooters and Fried Pickles try Scotys Brew House on 86th. They have the best.

Mark Pressley

janis said...

Mark~ I am thrilled to have you & your wife as readers! Glad to hear someone is like me. I am sure I would like your wife. Didn't I meet her @ a reunion? Anyway, Thanks for the Scotys Brew info, I will def. try them! Comment any time.