Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

I am feeling kindof groovy today. It started yesterday. Nothing particular made it that way. Same ole stuff going on that brings me down. BUT, somehow the good overwhelmed the bad. I love it when that happens.

I am proud of Annie, she has been nominated for a scholarship.

Emily had talked to me recently and sounded upbeat.

Sergio is finally home after a week of on the road.

My dogs & cats always bring me a smile.

I spent some time with Sheri, and I always laugh with her.

Today we have a neighborhood reunion of sorts. Several of the folks the lived in the neighborhood I grew up in still live there. They have put together a picnic and I am excited to go and see so many of the people that helped shape who I am today. All us "kids", (yeah, okay, we are 40+ year old's now, but we are still the kids!) are giddy with excitement to get together. This time we can drink in front of the parents unlike the neighborhood parties of years gone by where we snuck it. Several of us are bringing old photographs to laugh over. It will feel like something out of "That '70's Show".

I am making Green Bean Casserole (how original) and I am looking forward to this event. I wish my folks could join us but are unable to because of schedule conflict.

There will be good food, good company and good laughs.

Today, it's a good day.

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sroman said...

Even in tough times, there are good days.