Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Face Of A Criminal

I must look like a criminal. Or have a vehicle that screams "suspicious!". In the past year, I have been tailed by so many police officers.

Yesterday, a police officer followed me to the gas station, waited, then followed me onto the interstate, then my exit, and stayed with me for about 15 minutes before literally turning around in the street. Sergio said it's my truck. He ran my plates and checked me for a stolen vehicle because these little s10's are stolen all the time for parts.

Several months ago, I got the scare of a lifetime. I was traveling North on Keystone and noticed I was being followed by a squad car. Shortly after I was pretty much surrounded ( I counted 4 police cars)and pulled over. As I reached for my drivers license, an officer was at my side requesting me to keep my hands on the wheel. I had officers surrounding me (5 Officers!). They were looking my car over chatting with each other & their radios. I asked what was going on & was told to be quiet & they would explain momentarily. Now mind you, I have two officers with their hands on pistols watching my every move. Finally, I am told my vehicle matched a description of a vehicle in pursuit. (my Impala). No, "Sorry we scared the shit out of you." Just, "You may go now."

No wonder i am a Nervous Nelly! Don't be surprised if one day you see me on "COPS".


sroman said...

I may have to sell a kidney but I will always bail you out.

janis said...

If we ever go to Brazil, sounds like you will be giving up a kidney for free! I am still laughing!