Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dangerous Tweezers!

Last Thursday I went to the Indianapolis City County Building. I never get through their security without some kind of problem. The metal detectors always beep with me.

It's always something.

*my belt will set it off
*my earrings will set it off
*my shoes will set it off
*my under wire bra
*letter opener in my purse, (big no no!)

This time, I sat in my parking spot making sure nothing on me or in my purse would set it off. As I walked up the sidewalk, I realized that I still had pepper spray in the side pocket in my purse. Dang it! I don't want to give that up to them. I thought about sticking it in a nearby bush, but, just went with it as there were many people around and because I look like a terrorist, I don't want to scare people as I am stashing something in a hiding place.

As I went through my screening, first I set off the detector when I walked through. I am being searched as the second wanta-be cop, has a hissy fit with my purse, telling me I have tweezers in my bag! Okay, do you seriously have a problem with that? Apparently so. They confiscated them as soon as I could retrieve them out of my purse. I asked her if she needed my name so I could pick them up on my way out. She said, no, they now belong to them. Okay, knock yourselves out, looks like she could use them.

We all know that tweezers are way more dangerous than that pepper spray I had.

Of course, my plan to hold up unibrow people and tweeze away has been foiled!


Anonymous said...

Nicely done!

I on the other hand discovered they have a problem with cash stuffed in a book. I was heading to Vegas and hid a good size stack of hundred dollar bills in my book. When they found it and I laughed they asked if I thought this was funny?
I responded with; “No you’re doing this for a living is.” I missed my plane that day and had my colon checked all in the same moment.


sroman said...

I, on the other hand, almost never get stopped. I once (accidentally) went through airport security when you were not allowed to carry lighters. I had three lighters, tweezers and a tiny pair of scissors.

They took one of the lighters.