Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dakota Grooming

Our little Pomeranian, "Dakota", is high maintenance.

Dogs of this breed are small and hairy. They can't help but get dirty easy. They are very close to the ground. Also he is white with black patches so dirt can show up easily on him.

He gets a bath every weekend. He has grown to "appreciate" his bath time. His big brother Bandit likes to supervise. I think it keeps Dakota content to have Bandit by his side.

Dakota's favorite part is getting "blown dry". He just sits back and enjoys his little massage while getting dried. I found an old blow dryer from days of my perm (many many years ago). It is called "The Curly Top". Remember them from the 80's? It has a big blower and blows softly. Dakota LOVES it.

He becomes a big fluff ball, until he gets dirty again.

Interestly, this is very therapeutic to me too. Something about it feels like you have accomplished something. And my Dakota, is a happy little guy, being fluffy again.

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Anonymous said...

aweeeeeee he is so cute even though he is a meanie